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08-28-2006, 09:31 PM
Just a little something gleaned from CRM Magazines current eNewsletter, discussing recent developments to combat Google's dominant posturing in the Online AdWorld, and alternatives to managing your web interests without getting too entangled.....(emphasis mine)

Dueling Search Marketing Releases
Paid search functionality gets a big boost today with both Salesforce.com and NetSuite releasing separate versions of leads tracking and management solutions with GoogleAdwords.
by Jessica Sebor

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

It is a red letter day for Google Adwords with both Salesforce.com and NetSuite announcing the release of a leads tracking and management solution for search engine marketing. The releases mark new territory for both small and medium business vendors, showcasing the growing importance of paid search as an essential channel for all marketers.

RobertBois, research director at AMR Research, sees these two releases as coming out of a convergence of two increasingly prevalent trends for SMBs. Many are doing a lot more lead generation and marketing campaigns through Adwords. The second current Bois sees these releases addressing is the desire for better metrics. "These companies inherently believe that there is a good return on investment, but until today haven't been able to prove this statistically," Bois says. Analytics to prove ROI "is really bubbling to the top of the list of importance." With live results tracking and ROI measurement capabilities in both the NetSuite and Salesforce.com releases, the services pick up and solve both of these marketing concerns.

"It's a little strange they're both happening on the same day," Bois says, but with the amount of development required for both solutions, it is likely more of a coincidence than not. NetSuite developed its own organic solution that fits seamlessly into the existing on-demand offering.

NetSuite's Keyword Marketing allows companies to track keywords from the moment they're clicked all the way through the final sale. Salesforce.com for GoogleAdwords enables the same closed loop visibility.

The primary difference between the two offerings is that NetSuite's allows keywords to be tracked through other servers outside of Google, while Salesforce.com's enables companies to buy keywords and create ads within the program. Additionally, while NetSuite built this functionality, Salesforce.com purchased it through its acquisition of Kieden Corporation. A final differentiator is that the NetSuite service will be offered to all existing customers free of charge, while Salesforce.com for GoogleAdwords will be free to existing customers for a one month trial, after which the price will be set at $300 per month.

With both of these big names embracing paid search functionality today, it is clear that search engine marketing stands as a hot topic for marketers now and in the future. JayO'Connor, vice president of worldwide marketing for NetSuite, cites paid search as the "fastest growing marketing segment by far," explaining its value as a "great vehicle, because it's targeting people who already want to buy."

Bois predicts that other CRM vendors with on-demand offerings will be looking to introduce this functionality as well. "It's not a game changer for prospects of either company, but it is an attractor for existing customers. Because they deliver software as a service they are always looking to provide more stickiness to keep their customers coming back."

08-29-2006, 07:46 AM
I posted this as a way to demonstrate that many within the online global community see the efforts of both Google and AOL as nowhere near as benign as they claim and try to smokescreen....

Whether you feel getting involved with Goole Ads, AdSense, or 2nd best Yahoo! programs will avail you much is obviously your decision. Whether you think a few pennies is worth the entanglements (which later are nearly impossible to undo) is also ultimately up to you. If you feel that you must cozy up to Google to get your site ranked at any cost rather than elevate yourself based on unique content and proper SEO, your personal paramters must be the deciding factors.

I only intend to illustrate that much is happening to assure the future of the internet that the "common news" you hear on the street is NOT necessarily the truth, not is credibility ever made purely by the volume of information barrage: if fact, 99% of all "webmasters" never get past the basic level of web performance or utilize the majority of both information and technologies available.

You do deserve, however, to see more than headlines published in USA Today and Newsweek!

The truth is out there!

09-12-2006, 06:43 PM
If Google and Aol's "colusion" along with overeture and now Dogpile makes them think they own the internet they have a another thing coming. MSN, Yahoo and other search engines have maintaned there dignity and honor and have not sold out to total greed They give you more choice and list free generic listings as much as they do paid. Google and AOL seems to want to force everyone to pay which will be their downfall! There are many forms of advertising in this world and Google and AOL are ruining there own search engines for consumers and retailers both who have to pay. There collecting from both ends. So a consumer has to pay to be with them to find a retailer who has to pay to be found by that consumer.
Its making newspaper magazine radio and trade paper advertising much more attactive these days. Google and AOL can hold out as long as they want, they are not going to get a dime from me...anymore.

09-15-2006, 10:37 AM
If Google and Aol's "colusion" along with overeture and now Dogpile makes them think they own the internet they have a another thing coming. MSN, Yahoo and other search engines have maintaned there dignity and honor and have not sold out to total greed They give you more choice and list free generic listings as much as they do paid. NOT TRUE!
AOL, MSN, Google, and Yahoo! have each aligned themselves in paired competition to not only heat up the race for online advertising dominance, but are already well-entrenched in insituting new tiers, fees, and access "protocols" for email delivery....

Read up on some of the other lively discussions in the Google Forum, and even in the Reviews Forum for the skinny on how they are all getting fat.....and limiting our freedoms and profitability!

09-15-2006, 04:43 PM
I guess in all this there is a lesson to be learnt: Never let one person or corporation gain a Monopoly.

Although you would probably have to give credit to where credits due in the case of Bill Gates and Microsoft.

But all that aside, I myself suffer from tunnel vision and thought Google is the be all and end all, but I might start putting some of my eggs in another basket.

Thanks Vasili

09-16-2006, 12:53 PM
Yes, I know its coming your right. And I have had faith in Mr.Gates up to now, but I have read some distrubing news and here it is: Overall, the next big wave will be the change to dump all personel and information type websites into there own search engine and all retail and buiness(for profit) websites into another so the two types are never mixed into a customers search results. Its coming, the research is being done.
It would be a great thing if it would turn out to be free listings for the retail side, but that cant be why they would even want to split the two types of sites up. The only thing that makes sence is that they want to give there subscribers a free place to spam and clog with pictures of there family and pets and bobby's 4th grade seminare website etc. And then have a totaly commerce search engine not clogged by personel and non profit sites.
Someone correct me if you read the same article and I get the search engines doing this wrong , but the horror part of this is that the research is paid for jointly by MSN and AOL. To me if these two get together for something like this its going to take all the wild west out the internet and turn it into a boring dictionary, a phone book of paid inclusion only sites(the commerce engine) where the dollar is king and all the big corps rule. Look on down the road another ten years after that and you'll see China,Tiawan and all the cheap manufacturing countries taking over the internet via behind the scene import companies. Can we hope for invention of a free interprise type search engine to spring up from some far sighted genuis?

09-18-2006, 07:20 PM
I made references in another post about the movements Gates/Microsoft are making toward establishing a "public" ISP utility accessible initially via wireless connection built in to the unit. Methinks this will eventually be unveiled as the rebirth of MSN, and if run as lean as Gates has been talking, be a real threat to the wireless providers that are already converting broadband to cellular to stay alive, as hard-wire DSL and cable become more dedicated to brick and mortar business needs.

Is this another Gates "monopoly" or is it better to think of it as another philanthropic effort to create a legacy? Who cares! As long as AOL, Yahoo, and the anathama Google can't carve up the web into "tiers that pay" revenue!