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09-05-2006, 10:11 PM
I am very interested in any personal experiences with regard to the Microsoft launched and ******* developed micro PC introduced back in April as "Origami" and distributed in June, and then in a slightly modified version in July.

With a 7" screen (which makes it easier for my tired old eyes than a ***) and 30g drive running on XP, this unit could replace my needs to carry 3 cell phones and the feeling I should have brought my laptop with me. Since it is fully telephony enabled, it can definitely provide the means to keep in touch while utilizing the advanced satellite wireless online connections (and speeds). The picture I saw in May's issue of Information Week showed a mini-keyboard that slid from under the screen (like some phones), and I imagined it being maybe 8.5" wide when "unfolded" - still about the size of a notepad. However, the versions I've seen online recently (http://www.engadget.com/2006/03/08/hands-on-with-the-*******-q1-origami/) are a hybrid and use multiple cursors and touch screen abilities (not stylus!), and appear much thicker than originally unveiled.

I guess that's why I'm asking for personal experiences....larger than what can fit into a back pocket, but much smaller than lugging around a laptop, this thing could really help me out (since it runs XP and has a big enough screen to see actual websites), but at more than twice the price of what was announced, I need assurances from respected peers.

Please share the tidbits that will tilt the scales.......

09-05-2006, 11:56 PM
Well....let me qualify my earlier post:

Here is the OQO version (http://dynamism.com/oqo/main.shtml) I had actually seen (you'll see the difference in size, and the slip-under keyboard), but the pricing is a little hard to swallow, at say $2000.

The ******* above is about $1000, and this one is smaller and has the keyboard but at $2000 what would you be willing to trade off? Function? Size/portability? Price?

They both do the same thing, so if anyone has experience with either, this is the place to sound off!