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09-07-2006, 12:19 AM
Temporarily I am using a Windows Media Player to show videos on my site. My plan is to clone my video pages to allow a Dial-Up option. I perfer to use Flash files so I'm under construction again. In attempting to use Flash as my player (for over a month), I have only 1 file that works when previewing. Same thing if I Publish. All other swf files show only the white rectangle of the player's position.
I've re-authored my files to DV/AVI and tested every setting and then used Sorensen Spark to compress. If I go to any of my newly compressed files, the Macromedia Flash 8 player on my computer will play it. Yet when I introduce any files (except the one) into my player properties on a Blue Voda page, it will not show up.
In checking the HTML, the parameter name is correct. But then going over the code, item by item, I found only one difference.
The very first word of the code on all the htmls is Object.
The files that do not work say <OBJECT.
The file that does work says OBJECT without the sign < .
Would that be causing my problems?
I have no choice to test it as I am unable to change one to find out

I really need help on this.