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Malcolm Mills
09-11-2006, 04:15 PM

This seems to be an age old problem at BV. My index page opens on the web but the other pages don't.

I published each page "successfully" (says my computer) but they don't link.

This is odd. The "Publish" button on my pages is grayed out. Anyone know why?

I saved each page in lower case letters with no spaces.

I've watched videos on this until I'm all but seasick.

Dear learned colleagues, help this wretch please!

My site is www.toughworld.net (http://www.toughworld.net).

Thanks! Malcolm the Lost

09-14-2006, 04:11 PM
When I roll over your buttons, I see the link that you set up
in your button properties, such as: /contactus.html
So, that properties setting looks ok to me. I should be able to
go to the address bar on the browser and manually add /contactus.html
or any other page, to the main address but when I do that,
I get page not found. That means simply that the link can't locate that
page. If you select 'tools' at the top of the bv, and 'ftp manager',
then select 'connect' at the top left, your public_html folder will
appear on the right. Look down the list of files and check each page
to see if it is listed correctly. You may have used a capital letter
(I've done that a few times) or added a character, or space or something.
Anyway, the pages are probably there (if you published each page using
the publish icon at the topof bv). The link is not matching the page file.
If you used some other way of transferring the pages to the server,
instead of using the publish icon, then they could've transferred in the
wrong format. Remember, bv converts from css to html when published.
Also, if you accidentally used .html when saving or publishing, you may have a
double extention on the page on the server.
Let us know what you find.