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09-12-2006, 10:21 AM
http://www.thejmaker.com/eChessboard/eChessboard.html im trying to get this inserted but im not having much luck
i uploaded the extra files to ftp etc and pasted the html in a page but when i went to preveiw its just a grey square
*****? naval ? any one

09-12-2006, 03:00 PM
On that page - hit the button that says genertate code and then copy what is in the window.

Download the zip file and extract all. This will create a folder I believe named eChessboard. Rename that to chess.

Inside that folder you will find html page named eChessboard.html. Delete it.

Now upload the folder to the server via FTP Manager

Now open BV webbuilder and open an html box. Paste the code you had copied in there. Name the page eChessboard save. Publish it to the server in the folder chess.

Now simply create a link to it from some page on your site;
http: //www.allstarsweb.com/chess/eChessboard.html

This method worked for me.



09-12-2006, 04:36 PM
cheers your a star will try that later can i make it a pop up then or can i not install in an aalready made page? also is this ches able to be played by 2 players on the net andy do you know?

09-12-2006, 04:57 PM
tried that did this made a new folder caslled it chess on me desktop then unzipped the file, deleted the html as u said then put all the files in new folder chess copied to blue ftp thatgoodsite so now its a subdirectory in my goodsite called chess
then i did as you said and made a new page called it eChessboard saved published then made a link called http//www.thatgoodsite.com/chess/eChessboard.html
and it isnt working andy so where i go wrong ?

09-12-2006, 04:57 PM
No. I believe that the page that contains the *****t needs to be named eChessboard in order to work with the jar file in the chess folder.

Yes you could make it open in a small window. Put the html box in the upper right hand corner of the blank page and then create a link to that page that looks like this;
"#" onClick="window.open('http://www.yourdomain/chess/eChessboard.html', '','width=350,height=400'); return false;"

No- it is designed to be played by two people sitting side by side in front of the computer.



09-12-2006, 05:04 PM
On the website link where you download the zip file- copy code in box under generate code button.

Download zip-file and extract file.
Re-name file - chess
Open chess file and delete eChessboard.html
Upload chess folder to server (yes it is now a subfolder)
Open BV web builder and open new page.
Open html box and paste the code that you have copied
Save that page as eChessboard and then publish it to the subfolder- chess

Create your link from another page to the eChessboard.html page

That should do it


09-12-2006, 05:07 PM
sussed it out andy cheers goin to try to make it a pop up mate thanks
oh got your posts a bit later than mine went up sozz i thought you could interact with it i.e 2 players onlin lol
i got it working fine just not sure now though thanks andy your a star mate
do you know any online games i can use for my site i was lookin for monopoly or poker but hotscripts havnt realy got anything for me