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09-13-2006, 08:44 PM
For those in the VodaHost Community that are looking for a simple and feature-rich solution to managing their email technologies to support their websites, ACT! still offers many options that you seek in one complete package.

Since the rate of outgoing emails via your VodaServer is limited to 200/hour, it is still possible to use the mass email capability of ACT! through one of the partners recommended to process your blasts without running the risk of having your system shut down. Also, AWeber (http://www.aweber.com) is an extremely affordable and versatile 3rd party provider to process and manage your email programs, and is the Preferred Provider for both VodaHost and Choice Group for their expertise and excellence in servicing this vital business function.

Most of the entrpranuers here at VodaHost stumble when it comes to integrating the technologies of information management and Customer Relations Management, and it need not be so. Rather than become self-proficient with many cumbersome "tools" that seemingly do not work well together, I would recommend focusing on just one utility to simplify the learning curve without forsaking the results that are possible by purchasing the latest version of ACT! and unlocking the potential within.

ACT! is more than an email utility (like Outlook) and a "Sales-oriented" software package. It can not only organize many aspects of your email far beyond other utilities, but also create Invoices, Memos, write checks (within your chosen accounting tool), process orders - both live and online, manage your Customer Base with more parameters than you imagined, and so much more.

Enough selling ACT! as an alternative.....you need to investigate for yourself some of the proven tools out there and decide for yourself.
(Take a look at ACT! Here (http://www.jdoqocy.com/click-1900871-10367982))


The purpose of this thread was to illustrate how ACT! is a fine tool for VodaHost clients to consider, and with regard to email programs in particular, to present an element to "add-in" to ACT! to make it perform even better:

Double your sales results. Send targeted client news directly from ACT!
Using ACT! software? Access news from over 11,000 premium publications directly from your ACT! Don’t just make sales calls.... feel the confidence that comes from speaking to your customers about the things they care about. Research your clients, build relationships, increase sales and send your customers the latest news on their personal and professional interests. The Xoom for ACT! toolbar is 100% free and takes just seconds to download and install.

www.xoomcrm.com (http://www.xoomcrm.com)

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