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09-18-2006, 01:36 AM
Someone sent me this interesting piece :

Online Marketers are always looking for good linking strategies. Online spammers are always finding ways to exploit linking strategies. This game causes reluctance in the market for sharing of successful techniques. In most cases, the spammers probably were using the techniques before the White Hats (ethical search engine optimizers) even found out about them.
Tagging is a popularized term in today’s online marketing world. It has it roots in the very first efforts of telling a Search Engine what a Web page meant – meta tags. In the early days of Search (<1999), meta tags ruled as the accepted technique to tell a Search Engine about important keywords. It was fairly easy to figure out ways to manipulate these tags and devalue SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Meta Tagging became a smaller piece of the Search Engine Optimization puzzle.
Tagging is making a comeback in new forms. Today’s tagging happens in many different ways. It is a new way to organize data. This organization can end up in link form and follow valuable keyword taxonomy in link anchor text. This tagging is front and center on Web pages. Meta tags hide in HTML code. Search Engines gobble up tags as they are crawling the Web. Tagging can lead to new ways to organize the links and content they find. Tagging is another piece of the SEO puzzle.
Tagging is popping up all over the Web. Google is allowing tagging of pictures and videos. Digg depends on tags for news articles. Yahoo 360 has a tagging and sharing of tags component.

09-18-2006, 01:48 AM
Interesting, Bill, thanks.

A viable suggestion for the average BV/VH user? Personally, I think not.
I think the probability for incorrect construct and the perponderance of minimally developed Content and/or relevancy would result in adverse overall results, if not outright punitive indexing.