View Full Version : Do you think that only those who have lots of money get good search results?

09-19-2006, 10:57 PM

It seems to me that those who have loads of money can get really good traffic and rank in the engines. I've been looking at some sites similar to mine and I can't see anything that they are doing anything that I'm not. They most be puttings loads of money in. What is the difference betwwen my site www.reflectionswindowcleaning.co.uk and www.streampoles.co.uk or www.clearviewwindowcleaners.co.uk? I can't see much difference and yet they rank very high and I'm rubbish.

Any suggestions?

09-19-2006, 11:35 PM
how long have they been around? you seem to think that you will be put up there at the top asap but it doesnt work like that it takes time you are in a very long line so wait your turn aswell as making sure like you have that all is ok with your site, also they advertise with magazines that spe******e not costing a great deal and there fore generate traffic which in turn gets them up there, also they may have lots of links back to them over the years lets just say lots an lots of reasons why they are there b4 you

09-19-2006, 11:36 PM
tell you what i just looked tat the site and its a bit bland too why not have nice pic of you with big pole showing what you can do visualy would look nice i think

09-20-2006, 01:13 AM
Money has nothing to do with it - how many incoming links do they have? How long have they been around? How many times are you using the important keywords. Case in point - I looked at you and the Clearview website - you only say London once that I saw on your page - they say it 5 times without spamming - it comes naturally. You need to USE your keywords on the page - Same for "window cleaning" they use it twice as many times as you.

You gave good examples - they prove why they are up in the rankings even without looking at longevity (yes, that means something) and links.

You also, as far as I could see, don't use the word commercial at all where se's will see it - you have it in navigation - which you put in using Java - then you gave each of your navigation the same alt tag which the se's could see as spamming and penalize you for - instead of using them how they should be used - and that's to describe what the image is.

09-22-2006, 10:00 AM
Beth has hit the nail on the head there. If you haven't got as many backlinks as the other sites then they will rank higher than you as the search engine sees them as more popular. The other site may also be using different keywords to your self or different meta tags. As said money has nothing to do with it all as the search engine will rank more on content and structure. If you would like me to do you a free top 10 rankings report on your site which will give you a sneek peek at what the top 10 pages on google are using as there meta tags and keywords which will then help you to modify yours and increase your rankings, let me know at global.mook@btinternet.com and i'll do it for you. All I will need to know is your website url, email address so that I can email the report to you and the keyword/s you want to optimise your site for. Incidently anyone else wanting me to do this for them let me know in the same way.