View Full Version : Help with Vodasearch form

09-23-2006, 09:24 PM
Hi all,

Can't seem to get the form completed right for Vodasearch. It rejects each effort when completed even with tender loving care. Not sure what to do next. The reciprocal link is on the url and all seems fine. I've reviewed Brad's cheat sheet several times and thought I completed the form to perfection. Any thoughts?

www.connievanberkel.com (http://www.connievanberkel.com).

09-24-2006, 09:03 AM
I had the same problem when I was filling this in. Found I was making a silly mistake - may be similar to you?

You first enter the url of your website. Further down the form when it asks for the reciprocal link you have to enter the link of the page where you have put the reciprocal link.

It didn't seem clear at first - and then I realised!

Hope this helps.