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09-30-2006, 11:49 AM
Does anybody know what is the most rational way to create a long (really long) table with alternating rows containing different number of cells (columns) with bookmarks set in each row. Exmple:
row 1 contains 4 cells; bookmark1
row2 contains 1 cell only; bookmark2
row 3 contains 4 cells; bookmark3
row 4 - 1 cell; bookmark4
ATTENTION: I do know that I can do it easily in the EXCEL and save it as html file but my problem is that I have to bookmark each row (a certain alphabetic menu on another web page will be linked to those bookmarks). This is quite a long table! So:
1. Does Blue Voda table functionaslity allows to build a table with different types of rows? If yes - how?

2. In case the answer to the first question is negative: how can I create a bookmark in a row of a table of html file that was created in Excel in a first place?

The test page with that table in an iframe is here:
but as you see I do not know how to make the rows different.
Thanks a bunch,
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09-30-2006, 02:50 PM
1. No
2. I (beleive) you can import the html created by Excel in BV, then simply place the bookmark over the desired cell.