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10-07-2006, 10:18 PM
Hi there I use a campground software that uploads a vacancy grid to your site and I have these instructions.

The Export to Web Vacancy Grid function is accessed through the File / Export Menu. This dialog contains a sections for setting up the export details as well as the export and upload functions.
If you're using the Online Reservations functionality to retrieve and process E-mail reservation requests, this export function is also considered the "upload half" of E-mail processing since both are most likely associated with your own web site. Thus the "Upload Site Availability" function on the online request dialog also uses this function, but without actually opening this dialog. Thus you'll need to make sure things are set up appropriately here before using that upload function.

ok done that

The Export to Web feature allows you to show vacancy status on your web site, essentially like a compressed Rack view with no customer details. The pages can also have active links in each vacant cell on the grid which make a reservation request for that site on that day.
The program will generate the web pages to your specifications, and then you will need to upload them to your web site. There is an Upload button on the dialog which you can use to upload the pages after creating them, if you've configured the FTP settings (see Maintenance / Online Setup). Therefore you could easily upload the changes several times per day as needed. You can also use any 3rd-party FTP software to upload the pages after using the export function. The pages can also be time-stamped so the web site visitor knows how recent the page was updated.
One or more sets of 12 pages will be generated, one page for each month for the next 12 months (the current month may be partial, starting with the current day). You can select what sites are shown on each set of pages -- show all sites in one set, or make a separate set for each Site Type or Site Class. If you have multiple Parks set up, also have the option to generate a separate set for each Park.

ok done that too

Selecting Sites

To select which sites to include on the pages, use the "Select Sites to Include" button. This will open the familiar Site Filtering dialog, where you can select the sites to include by individual site or by Type, Class, and Park.
Next you can choose whether to show all sites on one web page, or create separate pages by type, class, or park. Of course this will depend on how you want to present them on your web site -- your web site will have to include a link to the first page of each set. Only one link is needed if they're all in one set, while many separate links might be needed if you show a different site type or class on each page. Note that you only need to link to the first page in a set (the current month) -- the generated grid will already contain links to the other months.

Date Range
You can select the starting and ending date of the exported grids. By default it will start today and go 365 days into the future. However if your season hasn't started yet, you can select a different starting date (but don't forget to change it back to "Today" once the season starts). Likewise, you can limit the ending date to either a specific date (end of season) or to a number of days into the future. If you have a slow internet connection, you may want to limit the grid to 3 or 4 months just to minimize the size of the files to be uploaded.

I'm ok to here

Template File(s)
The web pages will be generated using templates of your own design, so you can match your web page's style. The templates are basically HTML web page files with two insertion markers in the page:
This must appear exactly as shown somewhere in the template file. The HTML code for the entire vacancy grid will be inserted here, replacing the marker. (Don't put it inside a comment tag, or else the entire grid could be commented out!)
This marker is optional, and will be replaced by the current time and date. This is just for the visitors' reference, so they know how recently the grid was updated. This could be placed at the bottom of the page below the grid.

This bit just dosen't work for me. All I get in the page is the ###VACANCYGRID### showing up

Template File Path
Enter the path containing the template files, or use Browse to locate them. Browse will open a File-Open dialog for the file type ".htt" and a dummy name for the file -- just navigate until you find the folder with the templates and click Open.
The file or files must be named a certain way:
If showing all sites on one page, the template must be named "All.htt".
If showing separate pages by type, class, or park, you must have one template file for each type, class or park. This allows you to have different formats or links on each set of pages, accordingly. The template must have the type/class/park name, followed by ".htt". If the name contains spaces, replace the spaced with dashes (minus signs). For instance, for the site type "Normal RV", the template would be "normal-rv.htt". It doesn't matter if the letters are upper-case or lower-case.
An example "All.htt" file has been installed to your Campground Master folder. You can copy and/or modify that file as needed. It is a text file, just as all HTML files are text.

Thats Fine

Output File Path
Enter the path for the generated web page files. This can be the same as the template path or different.
When the files are generated, the template names will be converted to lower case, have ".html" as the extension, and will be prefixed by "vacancyMM", where MM is the month offset (00 for the current month, 01 for the next month, etc.). For instance, "vacancy00all.html" for all sites on one page, or "vacancy00normal-rv.html" for the Normal RV site type.

Cottonwood Software 2006

That bit appears ok

To see what I mean take a look at www.silver-maple.ca/all.html (http://www.silver-maple.ca/all.html)

If you have any ideas where I am going wrong (or you actually understand what I am supposed to do) please let me know. I can also post further instructions. The grids are saved in /availability so could this be why they are not linking? How dose the whole ###link thing## work?