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10-09-2006, 09:08 AM
I recently joined a forum called Chemocare. Now whenever I check Brad's webpage through entering a search on Yahoo the Chemocare forum comes up and not Brad's webpage. www.bradkimball.com (http://www.bradkimball.com)
Before joining the forum I could type in www.bradkimball.com (http://www.bradkimball.com) on Yahoo and Brad's webpage would come up?
Anyone know what happened?

10-09-2006, 11:33 AM
Looks good to me >>>> http://www.bradkimball.com

We are not responsible for Yahoos actions.

10-11-2006, 09:15 PM
This an extremely serious problem and I'm hoping someone knows how a website by the name of Chemocare has managed to steal Brad's website when he has a dedicated URL. Here are the particulars:
I logged onto a forum of cancer patients that were asking questions concerning their treatment. I responded to a few, giving Brad's website for further education. Somehow the moderators or the webmaster of Chemocare have linked to Brad's site and when I or my friends enter a search through Yahoo using www.bradkimball.com (http://www.bradkimball.com) or more specifically http://www.bradkimball.com Chemocares website comes up.
Does anyone know how they did this or better how do I disassociate Brad's site from theirs.
I have contacted the webmaster and the moderators with no luck.
I have gone to the Yahoo agreement to be listed on their engine and it is evident that Chemocare has violated the agreement that one must agree to in order to be on Yahoo.
It has taken be almost three years to do Brad's site and to be associated with Chemocare and their affiliation with the Cleveland Clinic is unspeakable. Anyone that views Brad's site will see that he and I do not advocate chemo.
Can anyone enlighten me on how to correct this problem.
Linda ~ Brad's mom

10-11-2006, 10:31 PM
Linda, I have tried both the url´s from your post and each time I get Brads site OK..................

10-11-2006, 10:42 PM
You posted this before and got the same answer before - no need for duplicate posts

However, I finally figured out what you're saying and nothing wrong is happening. Yahoo has not found your website - you are SEARCHING using your website url. Yahoo is FINDING that url in a post YOU made on the Chemocare message board.

They are doing nothing wrong - they are FINDING your website - which is the point for you posting as you did.

Now, it's UP TO YOU to do the necessary work to have links etc to the website so that it becomes spidered by the se's.

I will not accept you calling Yahoo or anyone else a THIEF when their search engine is working just how it is supposed to work. If you want to see your son's website - you need to put the url into the address bar - THAT is where it will come up.

10-12-2006, 04:32 AM
Dear Bethers,
No need to take my question personally. My question was asked only once. If the message came across more than once it was not because I posted more than one time.
I don't believe that you understand the problem I am having with Brad's site. Perhaps if you would go to Brad's site you will see that Brad died as a result of chemo because he was offered nothing else and it is my mission to see that cancer patients are given choices that have been proven to be just as effective as chemo but those therapies are being denied to the sick.
I have asked my friends throughout Florida to enter a search through Yahoo using not only www.bradkimball.com (http://www.bradkimball.com) but ALSO http://www.bradkimball.com and Chemocare comes up NOT BRAD'S SITE.
By Chemocare coming up it implies that Brad and I condone chemotherapy which is not the case.
I asked a legitimate question of anyone that is **** enough with the internet to tell me how Chemocare did what they did and how I can correct it. This was not an accident and certainly not innocent linking.
Again Bethers, read the books by Ralph Moss, PHd. and you will see that the chemotherapy machine will stop at nothing to keep Alternative Medicine from the public.
I don't understand how all my friends in Florida are entering a search through Yahoo and getting Chemocare but folks from Vodahost are not having this problem.
If you enter the full URL and you get someone else's site I call it being a thief.
Again, if anyone knows how this was done and how to correct it I would be grateful to know how.
Linda ~ Brad's mom

10-12-2006, 04:56 AM
I've tried the links and they both point me to the right website just like DavidandAlicia.. True, it is the link that was matched with your Yahoo search. But it's all good I'd say.. No need for worries. Good luck.

10-12-2006, 06:10 AM
You still are not understanding - if you SEARCH for the website - Yahoo - or any search engine - will give results that have that website in them. So, giving the Chemocare is because you posted on their board.

I'm very sorry for your loss, but you are not understanding how search engines work. If they put the address into the address line, the correct website comes up - if you put it into yahoo, who has NOT spidered the actual website - the only place that yahoo is finding the site is on the message board where you posted regarding it - therefore it is bringing up that site - which is exactly how a se is supposed to work.

Folks here understand the difference between searching and putting the url into the address line - which will give you totally different results.

And you did post this same thing yesterday or the day before and Vodahost answered it.

Again, I'm sorry for your loss, but that coming up in the search is not because anyone did anything wrong - it's because your son's website is mentioned on a message board on the chemocare board - and here is the message YOU posted on the chemocare board that is why Yahoo is bringing up that post:

To Rob and all those that replied,
Chemo is not the only way. Go to my son's website: bradkimball.com
Don''t be afraid to think outside the box. Get a qualified MD that is forward thinking and has gotten training in alternative medicine. For al those that continue with traditional chemo think about boosting up your immune system as quickly as possible.
We learned this too late. We were not told all the options because the government will not let a doctor offer any therapy that has not been clinically tested and approved. Unless cancer victums push for this testing poison will always be our only offering.
Linda Kimball Brad's mother

10-12-2006, 07:18 AM
Hi Linda,

First of all, sorry for your loss.

as Bethers said, Search Engines will find anything that they have in their archives that is related to the search term " www.bradkimball.com (http://www.bradkimball.com/) ". Since you have posted in that forum, they find this post and present it as one of the search results. On the other hand, your own site should also be among the result. If it isn't it might be because your site is very new and not indexed yet. This will come with time.

The good new is that Google (at least in Italy, Google results vary depending on the area from which the search was started) comes up with your site and no mention of the Chemocare site. Which means that your site has started being indexed by SE.

My site is www.navaldesign.info (http://www.navaldesign.info). In the beggining, a search with this term was giving as results the links to my site from various forums and directories i had posted in, but my site was not included as an independent result. That was because it had not been indexed yet.. After 3 - 4 months, my site started appearing on it's own, though in the beggining it was at position 10 or 15 in the results. You see, what counts for SE is also the importance of each site (measured as number of pages, content, quality, and many more factors) so they were giving priority (in the results) to the references to my site from those forums and directories. Now it comes up at Nr 1, because i have brought my site at a good level, with many pages, and so on. Just be a little patient, this moment will come also for you.

I can suggest that you submit your site to MSN and Yahoo for indexing: this could help with indexing it faster.

10-13-2006, 06:15 AM
Thank you all for your replies. I am beginning to see how Brad's site is connected to Chemocare. Even though it appears that Chemocare is not at the bottom of the original problem one would think that my repeated requests to the administrators and the webmaster of Chemocare to disenroll Brad from the forum would produce results but they have not acted on my requests as of yet. They are receiving a boost to their site at Brad's expense. As time consuming as it is my only recourse is to personally email each person that has posted on the forum and direct them to Brad's site.
I appreciate the condolences. Brad and I outlined the battle that I am to carry out and had he not been put in the position of having cancer we would never have found out that the chemotherapy machine is the biggest scam ever perpetuated on mankind.

10-13-2006, 07:25 AM
Actually, the direction to chemocare takes everyone to YOUR post there - and your post directs them against it and to Brad's site.

Since you made the post, it's doing just it's purpose.

Good luck to you.

10-13-2006, 08:08 AM
I could not agree more with Bethers. The link to the Chemocare forum, due to your post, directs the visitors EXCACTLY at your post, so it could never serve your purposes better than that.

10-13-2006, 11:14 PM
That is one way of looking at it. Unfortunately, I have received emails from Chemocare forum posters that are confused as Chemocare promotes chemo and Brad's site does not.
Perhaps something good will come of this. As the old saying goes, "when life hands you a lemon make lemonade." It is time consuming but I am making direct and confidential contact with cancer patients because of that fateful post.
I will certainly be more careful in the future where I post.
Linda ~ Brad's mom

10-15-2006, 02:34 PM
If you go to Google and type Chemocare , you will see this thread indexed on page 3. I am sure the Chemocare people have already had a look. As a matter of fact, the more times you mention the word Chemocare in this thread, the higher up it goes in all the search engines. Since I just linked the words Brad Kimball (http://http://www.bradkimball.com) to his website, it will also be indexed.

10-15-2006, 08:54 PM
If it is getting people from their website to come to you to talk, then I would think you are getting the results you want (and Brad would have wanted).

I'm not taking sides on that issue - but I really do believe that the post in that forum is working in your favor. It's unfortunate that you can't see that. Without that post, you'd never have those people who find it from that board and then contact you for your view/opinions.