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10-14-2006, 12:07 AM
I am having problems having sub-directories for my images. Apparently, I am finding that the

1. Soho control panel for file management and
2. The Soho control panel for adding an image to new Products in the Shopping cart

can only access images that are in the main root directory itself, and any image that sits in a sub-directory is not accessible by Soho's control panel.

I get an error of --

"Right click on the filename
below and choose "Save Target As..."

My Sub-Directory Name"

when trying to access those sub-folders.

Here is the path of the root files that I can access via Soho as strung by my CPanel:

/ ( public_html ( / images ( / (Current Folder)

which is equivalent to Soho's file name of:

...(mydomainname)/images/ (http://www.mydomain/images/)

I really need to have my images in sub-directories in order to compartmentalize images of products from my different suppliers. But very frustrating as I create my site and create products on the shopping cart when those images in the sub-directories cannot be accessed!

Now however, when I do look at the files directly on the web (ie, typing in the exact url of an image in the subdirectory file - ...(mydomainname)/images/*jpg (http://www.mydomain/images/) ), I see it, it opens and it works.

Is this just a Soho control panel issue that images can only be placed in the Shopping Cart if it is in the root directory???

Is there a way to have subfolders for my images for Soho?

I uploaded my images via FTP using their existing folders and subfolders.




Karen Mac
10-14-2006, 03:18 AM

I havent resolved this issue either, but, I did rename some images with the suppliers initials on the end, or named them the same as the product numbers, that way i didnt have to hunt thru the list, I knew what i wanted immediately.


10-14-2006, 03:31 AM
Yeah I have already renamed my files with Initials of my supplier in the Sku number/Item #, but my problem is that I have categories of products per supplier on top of it all...making things even more complicated!