View Full Version : Problem publishing add-on domain

10-17-2006, 08:45 PM
Hi. I am not sure if i am having a problem publishing an add-on domain or if i just haven't waited long enough after changing the DNS server information.

my main web site is www.njcaptions.com (http://www.njcaptions.com). i added www.slwelding.com (http://www.slwelding.com) but i put the wrong DNS server info. Before i realized the mistake, i thought i added a subdomain instead of an add-on domain b/c i didn't know adding an add-on would automatically show it under subdomain too. so i tried to delete it in both places. i was successful in deleting it under add-on domain but not subdomain. i created a ticket for support and learned about the above. so i started over and added it back on (even though it still appeared as a subdomain), discovered how to publish, by adding /slwelding to the end of public_html. It said it was successful, but when i went to the web site, i get an error, namely: http://sea.search.msn.com/dnserror.aspx?FORM=DNSAS&q=www.slwelding.com

I figured i had to wait 24-72 hours for the DNS info to take effect. so i added a third site, www.southbrunswickclassof82.com (http://www.southbrunswickclassof82.com) and published it on the first try.

Now, this all happened on Saturday. Today is Tuesday and i still can't get www.slwelding.com (http://www.slwelding.com) up. I wonder if i did something wrong.

Can someone help? Thanks!