View Full Version : Post your website statistics for August.

08-30-2005, 08:30 PM
Even though there is another day left in the month of August, I thought it would be nice to see everyone's website statistics for this month.

To paste your stats do the following:

Cpanel>Web/FTP Stats>Awstats>Monthly history> copy and paste the month of August then label accordingly.

Try to set yours up like mine, which is below:

Month: Aug 2005
Unique visitors: 1661
Number of visits: 4681
Pages: 11506
Hits: 220543
Bandwidth: 1.75 GB

Also try to paste the stats of the best day your website has had in the month of August.

My most popular day is below:

Day: 29 August 2005
Number of visits: 250
Number of pages: 420
Hits: 9050
Bandwidth: 58.08 MB

09-01-2005, 09:13 PM
Just to show I am still a baby with all this, I have posted my feeble stats below! I am hoping that this is because everyone is out there enjoying the sun rather than surfing! Mind you, after falling off my horse on Monday, I am starting to think taking photos and designing the website is a whole lot safer! (and no, there is not a picture of me elegantly (?) parting company with my horse on the site!)

I did think it might be an idea to state how long the website has been live to give an indication of how visitors increase (or not as the case may be!).

Website live since May 28th, 2005

Month August, website http://www.limebrook.com (http://www.limebrook.com/)

Unique visitors 341
Visits 840
Pages 2748
Hits 32367
Bandwidth 713.63 MB

Cheers all