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10-27-2006, 02:34 PM
Hi ... I have read, however, am not getting too far with this ...

There are a number of pages that I have published that I want to remove, and would like to do it the quickest and easiest method. I want to retain the .bvp file on my own computer in the chance that I wanted to publish again, or made a mistake with removing any.

File Manager or FTP Manager ?

The ftp only shows some of my pages, not all of them? unless I am in the wrong place .... shouldn't everything be in there under public_html ?

Any advice for a simple solution would be appreciated. Also when removed will they disappear or are remnants left?


10-27-2006, 05:04 PM
Ladyeye.. I only use FTP to manage my files and it's mighty good. Your files ahould all be in the public_html folder and in the relevant subfolders.. Any FTP manager should be able to see them and you should be able to manage them.. FTP software will let you see anything on your server whether it is a html file or just an image or a php script.. if it exists on your server, your FTP should see it.

10-27-2006, 05:42 PM
i use ws_ftp professional it is easy to use and it does as ez says lets you see everything on your server and it also lets you change the permission by useing chmod if you have a program that has to have something changed.

10-27-2006, 07:05 PM
Thanks Carlos and Naghost ....

Well in my control panel is my ftp manager and my html files, 75% were not there ... I found that strange ... and they would all have been in the public_html directory ... so I am not sure why that was .... but I removed what I had to through the file manager, so I am okay, but I found that strange and wanted to use the ftp manager, but somehow everything was not there ... it was as if i needed to go to page 2 or something and it wasn't there .... but I am all fixed up now, I appreciate your help.

12-24-2006, 10:52 PM
same here..when i changed my menu over to the .php type, i had to delete my .html webpages, only a few were in the ftp manager so i found them all in the file manger in my control panel..