View Full Version : FireFox & IE7 On Submit

11-01-2006, 07:55 AM
Right here we go FireFox has now a new version which is out as well as Microsoft IE7

In the coding side of things for a IE7


<form onSubmit="return checkrequired(this)">

Inside main body

function checkrequired(which){
var pass=true
if (document.images){
for (i=0;i<which.length;i++){
var tempobj=which.elements[i]
if (tempobj.name.substring(0,8)=="required"){
if (((tempobj.type=="text"||tempobj.type=="textarea")&&tempobj.value=='')||(tempobj.type.toString().charA t(0)=="s"&&tempobj.selectedIndex==-1)){
if (!pass){
alert("One or more of the required elements are not completed. Please complete them, then submit again!")
return false
return true

On Submit return IE7 will work with the coding as FireFox wont! any clue for the new coding to work for both IE7 and FireFox

11-01-2006, 08:53 AM
Hey, Dave!

I am sure you've kept up with my meltdown, and how IE7 may play into it....funny thing is that ***** was asking me if it was certain websites that my IE6 was acting up, and honestly, it seems to have spread to sites that are secure (like banks, etc.) and those that stick cookies (like shopping sites or affiliate-tracked sites), and seemingly only when submitting info or proceeding through pages that are tracked or "verified."

I wonder if (like I first surmised) it may be related to IE and Java both? Is that why I was getting certain line Error messages popping up?