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11-08-2006, 01:46 AM
I have built my website www.rhinestonephoenixcharityfoundation.ca (http://www.rhinestonephoenixcharityfoundation.ca)
my only problem is the page entitled history is not the page showing as it should read. I have deleted the page, and redid it from scratch and added
the link to the next page titled events. when I pull up the web site and go to the link for history it is the old page and the link to the next page events does not work. I can preview the new history page and link to events work but not on the web...how the heck do I get rid of this old page, it is screwing up the
whole chain of links and driving my crazy and I sure dont want to start the whole site from the beginning as this has taken me days to do...if I go to the link provide above and click titleholders and the link to history the old history comes up that I thought I removed but if I go to site and just clik the history page
the right comes up,with link that works to events...what on earth have i done and cant get rid of it


11-08-2006, 03:45 AM
Clean out/delete your temp internnet files. Browsers by default look for a page in the temp internet files first (to theorectically save you time). If they don't find it there- they will go to the server in the net and get it.

Bring up your page and hit F5 a few times. Your re-done page will appear.