View Full Version : Questions about Soholaunch

11-08-2006, 05:49 AM
Hi. I currently have a working ecommerce site through Yahoo, using the free Paypal cart. I'm planning to switch to VodaHost - already have my account but haven't switched yet. I'm still trying to decide on a shopping cart. I spent a good week or so with CubeCart, but it's a bit too advanced for me. I have some questions about SohoLaunch before I decide to put in the time to try to get it working.

1. Is there a way to set up my store in Soholaunch and still keep my current store running - not switching to Soho until I get everything working? (I previously downloaded Soholaunch, but couldn't access it because I'm still with Yahoo. Is there a way around this?)

2. Is Soho php - are the pages dynamic?

3. I didn't see anything about gift certificates or coupons - does Soho support these?

I probably have more questions - but that's good for now : )


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