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12-03-2006, 02:07 PM
I can see how to import or add Flash elements to the website, but how do I go about creating the flash in the first place? Can this be done through Blue Voda, or should I be using an external software program? Also, can you import a PowerPoint slideshow as a flash object?

12-03-2006, 05:06 PM
You cannot create flash via BV. You will need a program to do so. As to the PP presentation- I am unsure if you can convert it to flash?


12-03-2006, 10:32 PM
Looking in the "Save As" section in PowerPoint, it doesnt look like you can. Saying that, I dont know for sure. There are a number of programs that you can get for flash. Macromedia Flash is the professional one, but there is another one which I use called SWishmax. It was mentioned on this site and I tried the trial. Its really good.
Hope that helps.

12-03-2006, 11:32 PM
also try koolmoves for a very easy to use flash maker and then you just import it into the flash player on the b.v builder email me

12-21-2006, 06:26 AM
Hey Allstarfaces.....I was looking at your "thatgoodsite.com" and was curious to know where do you get those buttons (arcade)?