View Full Version : Images vanishing

12-08-2006, 06:49 PM
Domain name: www.tcnk.org (http://www.tcnk.org)
Situation: While designing a new page, I've downloaded images into the page. The images have been resized via "pix Resizer" and I have bordered them once on the page. As I enter text, or simply begin to move things around into new positions on the page, the images all vanish.
Previously, when I'd close the page down and reopen it, everything would be right there ... images and text ... yet as soon as I start working on it again, viola ... images all gone.
And now, when I attempt to close out, I get an error message that an error has occured on BV program ... close or ignore ... and when I choose close, it locks my computer up.
Help, please !!!!
I have images on all my other pages ... have published everything successfully ... am not doing anything differently on this page than on any other page ... WHAT'S MY DEAL ???? This is soooooooooooo frustrating !!!