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12-09-2006, 08:22 AM
hi ladyEye
how can i export my page to html by using Blue Voda can i do it ...
and i have some problem when itry to save my page as html and try to open html page isee strange text......

12-09-2006, 10:28 AM
Hi Osama

I am going to copy a post I read by Naval ... the answer is self explanatory when you read this ...

Technically speaking (and only that):

1. BV pages are saved on your computer in an encrypted way. This is what MOST sitebuilders will also do.
2. When you preview, BV creates the necessary html code for viewing the page in your browser. Internal links are purposely disabled. Images are saved in your computer, in the temp folder, and retreived from there during preview.
3. When you publish, BV creates a html code with all links working, and automatically uploads the necessary image files. It also creates and uploads all the necessary theme and javascript files to make it's dynamic features (such as menubars and dropdowns) work.
4. The source code (intended as the html code generated by BV during preview) can be viewed. However, if you have made use of the dynamic features of BV, this code by itself is useless for publishing purposes, as all the themes and javascripts are missing. Also, the user will need to manually upload all the images and make sure that each and everyone has the correct name (in case of same name BV adds automatically a _1 or _2 and so on extension at the name of the file).

Creating a page in BV and maually publishing it (because you do not host with VH) will create conflicts, and will cost you 2-3 hours work for every page, just to publish it. Just imagine a 30 - 40 pages site: it becomes practically impossible.

And all this just for not willing to pay $95 per year ?

It just doesn't seem logical to me.