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12-14-2006, 07:27 PM
Hi -

Question - I thought that by adding meta tags under Page Properties that it would create header elements. But when I analyzed my site using http://www.sitening.com/tools/seo-analyzer/my-analyzer/ it told me that I don't have header tags.

[Your web design doesn't contain any header elements (i.e. <h1>, <h2>, etc...). Search engines use header elements to determine the context and purpose of your web page. Headers provide semantic structure and meaning to web pages, and search engines, like Google, give preferential treatment to web design that use headers properly.]

How do I add these? Do I put them in the html tab under "Inside Header"? If so, what should they look like? What is the h1, h2? Does the header text need to appear as actual text on my viewable page?

=> If the headers do need to appear on my viewable page, this leads me to issue #2, that when I add a box on my page (eg to provide shading behind a header) it goes wacky on my site - the box exchanges text and colors with the navigation bar on my homepage. This creates such an issue that I have not been able to add boxes onto my pages... Any idea how to stop this from happening?

Thanks for your help!


12-14-2006, 07:55 PM
go to the search feature at top of page and enter "headers" there is lots of info about them expecially from Bethers - I have used them but don't want to mess you up by giving you the wrong info