View Full Version : Oscommerce Addon info for CSV

Karen Mac
01-06-2007, 03:36 AM
Several Folks, including our beloved VASILI have asked me for assistance in doing csv files etc etc. And while I love to help you all, I have more than I can get done myself most days. And my time is expensive and I am going to start charging for it. <GLARE>

Anyway, I did some research, and if i was to use Oscommerce myself I would probably purchase this addon...found here

The first one listed the "Magnetic One" makes your product interface like most other carts look and feel while you are building. I am NOT an affiliate i get ZIP if you click. I havent tried the product, but I looked at several sites offering add ons and this is one I would fully investigate and probably purchase to make my life easier and importing exporting products a breeze without having to connect to your database, which, I have just learned you need to do in OSCommerce.

I also suggest you run your own search queries for OSComerce Add Ons and make your own informed decision, but the price and interface of the demos make this look like a good choice.

Sorry if i am stepping on toes, but the last four days I have spent literally doing for everyone else between two forums and trouble shooting source files, bad scripts, soho launch, ssl, and ssl pop ups, and phone calls, with people all over the world..lol, and I just cant keep it up without getting paid.. so, I will offer you tidbits like this as I can, and still help where i can, but I am gonna have to cut it down.

And NO i am NOT isolating anyone so dont feel im speaking to anyone in general. I got into this boat myself.. LOL...

Ok check out the module!