View Full Version : Original Soholaunch Home Page deleted

01-08-2007, 04:06 PM
I went in to sohoadmin and had created a second page called home and when i went to my website it would go to the home page (the original home page) and then I would have to to click on home (2nd home I created) for the home page I wanted to show up to appear so, I deleted the original home page and now when I go to the site it acts as if the website is not there, it gives me the following message: http://www.airsoftinreview.com/index.php?nosessionkill=1. The doman name is www.airsoftinreview.com (http://www.airsoftinreview.com) can you help me recover that page or does vodahost have to reconfigure this page or what is it that I would have to do to get that page back so the site comes up when you enter the address please? thank you