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01-11-2007, 12:15 AM
Hello everyone in the house,

Please help. My website www.koybus.com (http://www.koybus.com) , and I used soholaunch to build it. The site has been published for some time now, but a very strange thing happen to me today while I was just editing the homepage.

The whole page editor merged togerther. Originally, it my page editor use to be like the page editor shown below (3 column boxes with several row of boxes) that I can drop things from the tool bar into, but now I only have 3 columns of boxes with NO row.
In addition, all content on my homepage, was deleted. please visit my website to see for yourself.

Please I need help to solve the following problems:

1. how do I restore the page editor back to its original state?

2. How do I save contents on my home page? because after everything was deleted, I tried to rebuild it back by re-typing my contents. After typing all contents, It does not allow me to save it.





Karen Mac
01-13-2007, 12:34 AM

I use SOHO all the time, and NOT once have I ever seen a page editor like that in soho. Go to the ? mark at the very top right and click it then click the IT button to check for issues or problems. Click on each row that comes up to expand it so you can see the issues there.. then, perhaps u will see the error or what has changed and how to fix it, or give the support people an idea of how to fix it.

Also you might want to go update it if you havent recently