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01-20-2007, 08:26 PM
Hi, I have followed correctly as shown by the relevant tutorial on hyperlinking pages, navigation of menu button and publishing again and again, yet the 2nd page though was succesfuuly published, it still cannot be displayed with error 404.The idex page is ok and fine.

2-I have empited the Public-Html foder in c/panel,all the old website pages desigend by soho. I have created also a new public -html folder in c/panle where the index and all webpages were kept.

Please tell me what went wrong?

www.xuankong-liufa.com (http://www.xuankong-liufa.com)

01-21-2007, 05:36 PM
It appear that you have only uploaded your home page. Which is the www.xuankong-liufa.com/index.html (http://www.xuankong-liufa.com/index.html). You need to upload the other pages to the same directory as your index page is on.

01-22-2007, 03:16 PM
Hi, Mr.bobs,Thank very much of your timely advice.Seemed that my secretary has had all the hyperlinks to all files and .jpg on each and every pages messed up and hyperlinked.I have had re-hyperlinked all the messes and would try again publishing.It is a very good experience to go through all these messes that appeared to be very easy but Actually NOT In Practical.A little tiny mistake would render all the project frustration.

www.xuankong-liufa.com (http://www.xuankong-liufa.com)

01-23-2007, 11:27 PM
Yes Building a Web Site can get very Messy... at times. I Just Moved my Site here last week because the hosting company only offer cgi. And that I'm not good at. Checked your site and see you have part of the links right on 2 of your buttons, others still show file not found 404 error. Also no page content is showing other than home page. At least that's what I'm seeing in my Browsers. I have internet explorer 7, Firefox, Netscape and Opera. Basicly all Appear the Same. Have any more questions feel free to ask.
www.bobs-pcmall.com (http://www.bobs-pcmall.com)

01-24-2007, 02:00 PM
Hi, it was your reminder prompted me to recheck all and everything on navigagtion and hyerlink done by my secretary to finally realise all went messed up and wrong.I did not do myself and I asked her to do all Posting and filling of particualrs of each and every pages.

Now I have made it right and mastered the skills on navigation and hyperlinking using blue voda. I did all,myslef and all were published and ok last night.Now I discovered all lost and tried to replublish again.

I found only list of index shown up-What went wrong again this time? please advise.What I did last night was a testing on the techniques to be used.

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01-24-2007, 11:19 PM
THE "about us", "Xuankong", "4pillars Cvourse","Ebooks", is showing all content.
The Consultancy, Case sturdy, site2,schools,photo album,research,links,ecommerce,Yang house audits,forums don't show content.
One thing I did notice is when I clicked on page links that some would actually take me to the index page. If I clicked the same link again I'd get page could not be displayed 404 error.
Make sure You have named your pages correctly. Maybe by putting and Underscore between names like case sturdy etc.
case_sturdy. I believe you wanted case study here but I could be wrong. Let me know...
and good luck..

01-27-2007, 10:54 AM
Yes, I still made a lot of mistake untill I got those pointed by you last nite.All these lied at the fillings of the page properties and the navigation parts to all the pages.

I have had a new domain with siteground.(www.lincon-associates.us). (http://www.lincon-associates.us).)
I gave up trying to activate that website which, I with my partner have had registered less than 2 months ago.

I think comparatively BlueVoda and its hosting service is still ok and the best so far -for some one like me- a fresh beginer in computer website matters.

Many people prefer to learn web site skills and do it themself as it is not the money matter of concern.It is the PRIVACY.The Pride and being Independent of other who may take us stupid fool.Some one offered to charge me USD200 just to install a directory path.My Data is at security risk that is the most concern and factor.