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01-28-2007, 09:53 PM
Hi all,

my site is a diet and weightloss site called www.flabfallsoff.com (http://www.flabfallsoff.com) ...

I know that a very important part of SEO is to get other sites to link to you, so I am submitting articles to article directories on a daily basis, but as far as heavyweight sites go, you can't get much better than Yahoo.

Therefore I was thinking... rather than the expensive route of paying $200 or so to be listed in their directory, how about starting a Yahoo Group of one's own? (BTW I tried to subscribe to a few health Yahoo groups but nothing much seemed to come of it)

Anyone had any experience of starting a Yahoo group, esp. to increase their SEO?

Tks in advance!


01-29-2007, 09:50 AM
Not really played with it too much. What little I did do didn't seem to do anything except take up time.....

01-29-2007, 11:18 AM
Hi Moto...

Tks ... might still be worth looking into, will have to check it out in time ... :-

Diff. but related qu... any thoughts on somehow getting listed in Wikipedia? I see their PR is 9, which is pretty darn high! The challenge is... how? It's an encyclopedia, so how would one do this? I suppose if one person finds out how to do it, everyone will jump on the bandwagon, lol.

Unlikely I know, but thought I'd ask...



01-29-2007, 10:58 PM
To get listed in Wiki you will need to become much more branded and commonplace. But what you CAN do is get a SWIKI which is like your own WIKI and place it on your website. They do help generate traffic for you.

I play with moving them on and off of my websites and there is a definate difference in traffic and conversion using them.

Here is a Swiki on my old site to view. See this Swiki (http://www.affordablemedicaldental.com/oklahomahealth.html)

You can get one HERE (http://swicki.eurekster.com/)

Play around with it and see how it works by adding it to your site.

01-30-2007, 01:29 AM
Actually, you can get listed in Wikipedia by finding something they need more information on - and contributing to that page. Look closely at any and all page that could relate to your product - see if there is some information you can add to the page.

01-30-2007, 11:20 AM
Hi Moto & Beth,

tks for the replies... funny, just as I asked this, in my email Inbox this am is something on the subject. I emailed it to you, Moto, to both your dental & yahoo addresses... but here it is anyway, lol ...

I would have thought also that addressing some aspect of one's speciality would be good and get you some prominence in Wiki, but this guy says that Wiki now has code that nulls this. For what it's worth, check this out, but I do take his point on how a few buttheads spoil the game for the rest of us, grrrrrr..... lol :-

chao 4 now



Wikipedia Adds Nofollow To Outbound Links

Just like any web property that gives up the "Green Gold"
known as PageRank, it will get mined by the SEO community until it caves in or goes dry.

It happened to blog comments. It happened to the big social bookmarking sites. One little snippet of html code, rel=nofollow, stops the big three spiders from crawling and Google's PageRank from spreading.

According to Matt Cutts, Google's most widely known engineer, "I think it's the right call: the incentive to create spammy links on Wikipedia has been massively reduced. Over time, I believe Wikipedia will probably find ways to remove nofollow from links that are more trusted."

In addition, "I don t expect this change to affect Google s rankings very much, but its good to see the Wikipedia folks paying close attention to link spam (and open to refining their trust for external links)."

Maybe the next time someone discovers a way to get "cheap" PageRank to their sites, they'll keep it under their hat, and not write about it, or blog about it, or even worse... charge 50 bucks and slather it all over the internet marketing community.

Wikipedia is latest casualty, because a popular newsletter said that, Wiki links are one of the easiest ways to get more PageRank to your site. Then people started spreading the word, quietly whispering it in podcasts at first.

Then all of a sudden, it hits critical mass and every second journalist wannabe copycats the story. Then it spread, until some knob decided to make a contest of it.

Yep, you heard that right. Some dudes made a contest out of who could get the most PR from Wikipedia. One guy I know made career choice out of it.

Needless to say, all the Green Gold is gone, and he's standing there covered in sweat from hard labor, with pick and shovel in hand, standing over a barren claim.

The moral of the story? Stop chasing fads and quick fixes.
Stop the distractions. Choose not to be caught in the sales funnel for the next greatest traffic generator, Green Gold miner, or SEO tactic.

Think in the long term. Think strategies. Focus on building your business by putting value ahead of everything else. Add content to your site on a regular basis. Make sure it's content worth linking to. Try to get deep links down into your internal pages.

Internet Marketing Secret: Focus on your daily goals.
Reward yourself for yesterdays achievements. Stick to the fundamentals. Study your mentors. Practice hard.
Work smart. That's how you become the winner.

02-01-2007, 07:54 PM
Hey Moto & Bethers,

further to the above conversation... I went to Wiki and checked their source code. Guess what? There is NO rel=nofollow that I could see! So I dont know if this guy is talking malarkey or what.

As Bethers says, why not go there and try to help out? Like all the other groups one might join, etc.



Karen Mac
02-23-2007, 11:37 PM
Well i just went to wiki and guess what i found?

<td><b><span class="plainlinks"><a href="http://en.wikinews.org/" class="external text" title="http://en.wikinews.org/" rel="nofollow">Wikinews</a></span></b><br />

Source code is FULL of no follow. Which just means you wont get an PR trailed down, but if they post your link, you still MIGHT get traffic!

I dont know who started this NOFOLLOW rage, but it is good to use on blogs and things like wiki. I think the MASTER PLAN which i call the MASTER MIND FOR DUMMIES, because its another EBOOK of so called SEO tactics, with SOME good advice and most of the rest is ****. In any case heres the STUPID thing in using the nofollow tag: Its believed to stop the SE SPIDER /bot from leaving your site to go to the linked site, and filtering any pr you MIGHT have to that site, or keeping you from VOTING or approving that site. STUPID thing is this will only work for NEW Links. Chances are the bots ALREADY have the link and have gone to it anyway. Chances are the bot will KEEP this link anyway even tho you didnt vote for it, and go to it at another time. Like most good things eventually even Matt Cutts will be eating his approval of using the NOFOLLOW after it has been spammed to death and inappropriately used.

If you dont want to deal with it, then DONT put links on your site that you havent visited or approved!

Which goes back to the BASIC SEO principals, do whats right and tried, true methods and not the GIMMICKY stuff and you will still come out ahead eventually!



02-24-2007, 04:17 AM
Which goes back to the BASIC SEO principals, do whats right and tried, true methods and not the GIMMICKY stuff and you will still come out ahead eventually!

No matter how many times people say - but it's working, etc etc - if it's NOT the right thing and the good thing for your customers, the se's are going to find it and take away the credit for it.

Now, as Karen stated, it's still a good thing - as you can get traffic from it - just as having GOOD link exchanges bring me traffic and sales, even though they don't get "credit" for inbound links the same - or at all - so they are still good to have. But, if the only reason something is being done is to get rank or to "fool" se's - it will eventually backfire.

02-24-2007, 08:01 PM
Hey Karen & Bethers,

tks for this - yeah, the longer I do this seo stuff, the more I realise that the key word is GENUINE - genuine links, genuine material, genuine genuine genuine!

I'm adding articles, and even tho it's painstaking and tedious, I only post material that I feel will GENUINELY help someone.

There are no short cuts - dammit, lol - and as Bethers says, dont try to fool the se's... problem is, society is too "instant" - ppl dont take a long term view and so fall by the wayside... which is why being a bulldog helps... lol.

Hey, I think I'll try Wiki to see if it can generate some traffic... :-



03-07-2007, 08:03 AM
Will, let me know how that goes for you.

03-07-2007, 04:41 PM
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03-28-2007, 05:17 AM
You have a great site Dave.

03-28-2007, 02:19 PM
Many thanks for your comment.................

keep having fun

04-03-2007, 10:30 PM
Sorry, only saw these posts now ... yes, Flab Falls Off, the ebook is on Dave's site! Tks Dave and Moto ...

chao 4 now