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01-30-2007, 04:09 AM
1.) I am trying to download my phpmydirectory script to my domain and I am having troubles with it.
The system is asking me to adjust my URL and whatever I do the request for adjusting my URL is there.
I am trying to download it to (

I found out that when I go to ( the link changes for http://www.mortonnotes.com/~efxawije/ (http://www.mortonnotes.com/~efxawije/) Why?

2.) How do I get to my soholaunch? My link is www.ai.biz/sohoadmin (http://www.ai.biz/sohoadmin) but because my domain is not live yet I was trying to get to ( It doesn't work.

I cannot progress for some time now. I believe that I am following all the steps. Please help me get this right.

01-30-2007, 04:48 AM
You can try for soho. However, you are going to get the same message about www.mortonnotes.com (http://www.mortonnotes.com)

This account is related to the main account www.moronnotes.com (http://www.moronnotes.com) ?

If yes, and since as.biz is not yet alive, that's your problem. Because some scripts will resolve to the default domain of the account.

01-30-2007, 05:39 AM
I don't know what it is www.moronnotes.com (http://www.moronnotes.com) I don't understand it. I don't know that domain at all.

There is a 60 days period for every domain before becoming alive? So I cannot do anything now but wait? ..

01-30-2007, 07:12 AM
Please see this http://www.vodahost.com/vodatalk/wish-list-idea-bin/16429-glossary.html
and http://www.google.com/search?q=mortonnotes&sourceid=ie7&rls=com.microsoft:en-US&ie=utf8&oe=utf8

Maybe you can get an idea about the moronnotes. I don't understand that. Maybe some technical problem?

01-30-2007, 07:42 AM
Please submit a suport ticket and we will assist you, click the below to do this now...