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02-04-2007, 03:42 AM
>> I have posted this in Adding Elements To Your Website, but I was thinking that it seems maybe here is the better place to ask this question? I am not trying to double post, It is just that I am not finding the answer and thought you guys would know ... I have no idea how to get you to see my first post (link you to it)<<

I would like to create something like this (please visit this link for a sample of what I am wanting to build) http://www.memorylaneclovis.com/pages/samples1.html (http://www.memorylaneclovis.com/pages/samples1.html)
I am building separate photo album pages, and would like to build something like this (see sample) where the photo in the center displays the smaller thumbnail as a larger image, as you roll over the smaller image. Then if you click on an image it will take you to the specified photo album page it is linked to...
This seems like it is similar to the ad banner rotators (but the ad rotator is not exactly what I'm after)

Anyone know how this is done?

Or what program I'll need? I have purchased koolmoves, but have not been able to figure out if I can create this with that program.
Should I purchase Micromeida Flash or stuido 8 or ?? what program will make this type of photo display?

Thanks Beck
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02-04-2007, 01:29 PM
Hi, was messing around with this one http://www.collectors-info.com/testing/ro.html if its any good for you? let us know. I am not very good with layouts so you may have to get somone to help you on this. But if you want all the images under the main one? then its no problem.
The info part on click can be taken out if not wanted with no problem.
Not sure if it works in all browsers yet, but give it a try.

PS. This is not flash.

02-04-2007, 04:25 PM
Cool - I think that will work! At least until I can figure out another way... or until I can learn some Flash.... But until then this is really great.

I am a learn as I go gal... still on a serious learning curve here.. still a bit slow at this... LOL

Now is there any way to make the photos in a square just like in the sample?
Even if it's three photos or so on each side of the main photo window that would be okay.
And how do I insert my photos in there? Is this HTML coded?

I like that you made them "clickable" - could I make them linkable to another page?

Okay one more question … Can you teach me how you did this? :)

Thanks Beck
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02-04-2007, 06:37 PM
Hi, there is a bit of an update on my 1st link. I found this freebie download link & big help http://www.alleycode.com/ & will save lots of time when testing. Download the HTML editor. When its up & working, click on file , select new & then plain text. Then paste the script onto the new blank page. You can now play around with the script to adjust it to how you like. Every time you make an adjustment, hit F9 for a quick test & preview.

PS. I was messing with this idea as well???? http://www.collectors-info.com/testing/pop_up_window_genorator.html

02-04-2007, 07:45 PM
Okay... I'm a bit lost, but I just keep re-reading you instructions and some of it is starting to click. I don't understand the alleycode program but have downloaded it... Eventually Iíll learn as I mess with it more. That is pretty much how Iíve learned everything about web building so far.

I do understand how to add a HTML box in bv and have been trying to redo it there - I'll have to play with it for a while, to see if I can figure it out.

Q: Now when you say "uploading images to server" this is done how?
I usually just add a photo - then publish in bv when ready...
Can you clarify how I am to do upload images?
I get it about duplicate large sized and thumbnail sized photos.

Slow but Iíll get there eventually...
Beck :)

02-04-2007, 08:23 PM
Hi, the ally code program is just a help. Its not actually needed. It will just save a lot of previewing & messing around in BV.
Basically you will need 2 images on your server. (1.Small & 1.large) You will 1st have to create them & upload to your server/site.
To get these onto the server, you will have to use the FTP in tools manager in BV menu.
Open the ftp & connect. Then bring your new images up on the left-hand side & select where they are going on the right. Usually ( public_html) if this is where you are placing them???
Now just left click on the images on the left hold down the button & drag to the right. It should start uploading the image you dragged it across & release the button..
Once all images are on your server you will need the url link to each one to replace the url on the code you took from my site.

What you are doing is putting the images in place so when the code askís for one of your images, it now knows where to find them, because you will have replace the urlís in the code to your images instead of mine.

02-04-2007, 08:37 PM
okay I'll work on that and I'll let you know in a little while how I'm doing...
Thanks for your help
Beck :)

02-06-2007, 06:39 PM
Hi Beck

There is a ton of image editing software to be found here and alot of it is Free ....

Maybe you will find something here (http://www.download.com/Image-Editing/3150-2192_4-0.html?tag=dir)....

02-07-2007, 06:07 AM
Thanks LadyEye... I'm looking now.
I’m one step of asking if some one could make it for me…
But I’ll give it another run tomorrow... then if I still can’t get it??? Maybe I should put in for a bid?

Chris... Again thank you for all the help, but I had to walk away from it for a bit. I got too frustrated. I am not giving up just yet. I like both of your ideas, but I’m stuck not being able to get it to work with my photos. For a moment I actually got one of my photos to show up!!! So I must have done something right...but that was it. No roll over working yet - I’ll be back at it tomorrow. I already have more questions for you - if you don't mind ;)

Oh, you guys want to see what I did learn to do in the meantime? It is a temporary page eventually this should be my intro for the new site I'm working on ( currently stressing over - lol :) it is not close to done - still have all the bugs to work out or should I say I still have a ton to learn. Here it is: GFRTEMP 1 (http://www.picturetours.net/gfrtemp1.html)

Until tomorrow...
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