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02-13-2007, 06:41 AM
Hi everyone.
www.annaf.net (http://www.annaf.net)
www.writefootforward.com (http://www.writefootforward.com)

I have my soho site up and running, thanks to customer support. *bows*

I am using it easily.

I have checked out the shopping cart system and i can see how excellent it will be for me in the future.

For now all I need is for people to be able to pay for a PDF download and be redirected to the download link right after their payment is complete.

I am familiar with paypal and I know I can easily set up up a paypal button but what do you suggest the best way is to get an immediate download page to the buyer. I wanted to avoid having to send each buyer a link manualy so they didn't have to wait as I'm not on my puter 24/7..just almost LOL

Any ideas guys?

Thanks in advance, I probably could nut it out but a brainstorm session will save me a headache


Karen Mac
02-13-2007, 07:28 AM
If you are using SOHO, you an make a downloadable product, and in the advanced options allow the download after the order is processed


02-13-2007, 07:37 AM
Hi, I know its not related to your question, but I was having a look through your site & thought this may have been a small mistake.
I turned $500 into $300 a week and you can too. Even with less money you can start to build a small income for yourself.


02-13-2007, 09:09 AM
LOL yes I see what you mean

I turned $500 into $300 a week and you can too. Even with less money you can start to build a small income for yourself.
I'll have to reword it what I mean is started with capital of $500 and the products I now sell from that initial outlay at the market make me $300 a week.
Thanks for picking up on that. I appreciate it

02-13-2007, 09:15 AM
If you are using SOHO, you an make a downloadable product, and in the advanced options allow the download after the order is processed


Hi Karen and thanks.
If you mean with the shopping cart, I could see I could do it. I was just trying to avoid the shopping cart for a while longer so people didn't have to go through all that signing up, address stuff.

I found I can redirect them to a particular page on my site after they made the paypal payment which would be great, but now I can't see how to get the HTML code for the buy now paypal button onto the site.

I will use the shopping cart if need be. I'll be needing it in about 6 months anyway.


02-14-2007, 01:52 AM
Nothing like answering my own question. Now I'm a first class private I know stuff LOL.

This is how I put a direct paypal button on my site and got it to switch back to a download page after payment.

(okay stop sighing and saying, we know already-hehe)

After the help here and at the soho forum and wiki I realised I need the latest update bigtime. When you are logged in to your soho admin, down in the right hand corner you will see a green icon. If you can it's telling you an update is available, so click and choose your update and then install.

I was going crazy cos I couldn't see an install now button. Then for some reason I decided to reduce the admin panel window to 50% and voila! There it was LOL. So I clicked it and it installed-who knew?

Then I re-opened the browser etc and went back to my page I was trying to get the button on. I tried installing it a HTML in the text editor window and using shift insert to paste it in. That would show up the button in the editor but not in the browser window. (this has worked for some people so I thought it worth adding as an option)

Then I tried the option of saving the code on notepad and making it a .inc page. This is as simple as typing the name as anything you want eg ppbutt.inc in the name field. (I'm explaining this cos it took me a while for the penny to drop)

Then drag and drop the custom code option and upload that file you just made. And you have a Paypal button.

Now to get paypal to redirect the buyer to an instant download page to get my PDF E-book, I needed to do that in the Merchant Tools section in my paypal account. Firstly make yourself a download page in soho, add text thanking them for purchase and that they can check the transaction by logging into their account at paypal.com (paypal requires you to have something similar written)
Then use the pdf file option in the drag and drop and upload your pdf download, don't forget to add instuctions to right click and save target as in your previous text box. Save the page and preview it to check.

Once in your paypal merchant tools look for the link to take you to the paypal buttons. It will run you through options for the creation. Make sure the button is not encrypted. Then at the bottom of page select the more options link and in there you will be able to put the page addie that you want the buyer redirected to after purchase. (To find that out, just pop your download page onto the navigation menu and go to your home page, select the page and then copy the browser addie. Don't put the preview addie)

You can also choose where you want them to go if they cancel, in my case back to the home page.

I tested mine out with another paypal account I had, I made the purchase, paid $5 to myself (which was okay but then I asked for change LOL, sorry you had to be there) and it redirected to my download page.

So that's it in long-winded explanation. I hope this helps out some people in the future or even the present.

PS don't look for buttons on my site I don't launch it till march 1st LOL

First Class Private Anna to you...Oh dear God I'm a Corporal! Don't just stand there..salute!
Hey any prizes for the longest post LOL and you wonder why I'm writing how-to e-books, now you know, you just can't shut me up!

02-14-2007, 01:59 AM
Anna, sounds like you have your answer. I like your domain name, very catchy.

02-14-2007, 02:03 AM
Thanks Rick.

Yes it took all morning but I triumphed in the end (with a little help from VH forum of course). Hope I save some other poor person the smoke from the ears thing(Not attractive but a real winner at parties).


02-14-2007, 05:42 AM
I'm glad that we have some members that really find out their own way. However, please note that the way you did it is a possible, but not very correct way. You see, sooner or later, your download page will get indexed by search engines.(or at least you should wish that it does). When this happens, your download page, with the link to the PDF, will be available to anyone that will search through Google or other SE with something like the the keywords that you are using. And they will be able to view the page and download the PDF for free.

Your solution is to either use the shopping cart, or use one of the scripts that will only allow download after making a cross check verification with PayPal to see if that client has really paid.

Karen Mac
02-14-2007, 06:35 AM
You can avoid the sign in thing by going to shopping cart, display options, middle of the page to the "display remember me" and check no, and then there is NO sign in to do. You can still use paypal as a payment method, and secure your download.

The cart will do it all for you if you let it.

I have 2 soho stores now. www.grannyscountrynook.com (http://www.grannyscountrynook.com)

And now a dropship site that i am developing and up to my ears in: www.grannys-nook.com (http://www.grannys-nook.com)

You can play in the first and see that there is NO sign in and thats all i did to fix that issue.


02-16-2007, 11:17 AM
Cool thanks for the info. I haven't set anything up yet as I don't launch till march 1st. I never even considered the search engine thing. I think most of the probs I was having with the shopping cart was because I needed to upgrade the version I had. I was happy with the shopping cart except for buyers having to put in their details for shipping etc. I'll go back in over the weekend and work with the cart now I have upgraded.

Thanks for the info guys, I learn something new everyday.

Nice sites Karen