View Full Version : How to avoid Forum spamming

02-14-2007, 01:00 PM
I build a forum last year and still have it somewhere hanging around. the reason I pulled it is because of all the spam posts on there and maoderating it was becoming a pain in the bum.

I know realise these posts may have come from a spam bot. Is there anyway to cut down on spam or zap it altogether?

I want to run a small invitation forum with no link from my main site. I have many people to fill it, I just don't want it to take over my day and have to spend all my time moderating it.

Thanks for any advice


02-14-2007, 01:18 PM
Lock it down and personally approve or deny every new member.

02-14-2007, 03:08 PM
I did not know you could do this, I will have to look into it. I thought the only way was they registered and that was it.

09-22-2007, 01:13 PM