View Full Version : "Find and edit-replace" idea

10-06-2005, 03:34 PM
I thought of something very usefull(at least for me).I wish there was a "find and edit" in bluevoda.What do i mean?Look,let's take me as an example.I have made around 40 pages with text(some is the same in every page) and...you know.There is the word "example" in every page,unlinked.It's too time-nerve killing to open each page individually and link it.So,i would like the fuction which will let's say choose "find and edit" then put the word "example" and then it finds it on every page it's writtn.Then,"all edit" would be great(Put a link and every word will get linked in that(in our case,the word "example" of every page will be linked to the same destination,same link)

I don't know if i explained it right but i really looking forward to such fuction.It's too hard for me now,every time i want to do something open each page individually and............