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04-03-2007, 09:02 PM
You guy's are always so good, we have a new product we will launch soon and it needs a name! It covers the whole back seat of the airline seat (they are sooooo bad) and has a place for your pillow to slip into so it won't fall when you move. We will have disposable and non disposable and Elite (300 thread count). I need a name for them....Any thoughts!

Yes Mr V we have it at the lawyers already, I knew you would want to protect me. See I do know you! lol

04-03-2007, 10:32 PM
Is it resizable from the smaller seats to the larger seats in first class areas??

Is it just for the pillow Sharon ... will it fill all pillows, say if I brought my own pillow as opposed to the airlines pillows? Does it have a color? Is it cotton or flannel?

I suppose "Pillow Sak" just won't do right .... hmmmm

Do you guarantee a pillow will be available on the plane when I want one?

What about "Eze Rest" ... or .... hmmmm ..... "Rest in Place"

"Head in Place" or "Pillow Place" or "Pillow Non-Slip" or what about "Non-Slip Trip" ... lol

hmmmmmmmmm ......

04-03-2007, 10:44 PM
You are soo funny, There will be different sizes for biz and economy, the pillow will slip down into the pillow slot. The pillow can be the size of the seat and fit. We will have different colors and fabrics.

04-03-2007, 10:54 PM
You are soo funny, There will be different sizes for biz and economy, the pillow will slip down into the pillow slot. The pillow can be the size of the seat and fit. We will have different colors and fabrics.

Aha ... not to mention the prices right, I hope those in biz class have a few extra dollars added to their ....

Now for the perfect name

"Day Tripper" .... "If You Snooze, You Don't Lose, (your pillow)"

"No Lose Snooze" ... (sorry doesn't include ear plugs) lol

But on another note, maybe you should have this include ear plugs, so that they can give the ear plugs to the person next to them when they go to sleep, or go to snore ... maybe, just an added feature ... lol

04-03-2007, 11:59 PM
"My Flight Buddy"
"Neck Napper"
"The Neckster"

Want me to go on? LOL

I like the inspiration Holly mentioned above (not about the earplugs, but more..).....why not have a hidden or otherwise interior (inside the folded/wrapped pillow) pocket to store small items like universal headsets, earplugs, tissue, or even a matching blindfold?
The reason I mention a folding of the pillow is because it would not interfere with the use of the pillow with stuff in it, like those purses that have a space to carry a handgun??....even the pillow manuafacturer would have an option for a "smashed" tube foam pillow (they already make them, and adding heat will 'crease' them quickly -- no need for special manufacture --- or if that is too complicated, 2 thin square-ish foam pads affixed together)....thus your "pocket space" and the cover would be similar to a small pillowcase sewn inside a larger pillowcase, with a zipper or even a cheaper velco solution.

** Usually, professional product naming commands fees of upwards of $1500 for a list of 100 potential names, and an additional fee for use of one selected from the list submitted >> if it passes a panel testing and consumer packaging assessment.

04-04-2007, 04:54 AM
Pillow Flight
Flight Pillow

(I like the almost play on words from pillow fight :) )

04-04-2007, 07:28 AM
Another twist....if it was like mentioned above: 2 thinner foams that when together not only formed a pocket, but if attached by soft snaps could actually unfold to be a cushion as well as a lower back support. Or if unfolded fully, is a full-seat support. And, of course, it can be used as a seat cushion, for all the tour bus rides, park benches, whatever!

More names? LOL
"Conformate" comfort, conform, mate
"FlightFit" oh, that was original...LOL
"Travel Soft"
"Trekker" ok. spock fans....sleep on this!

04-04-2007, 07:41 AM
I just realized it pays to read the whole thread....really read it! Sorry Sharon. i think we all began to focus on the pillow rather than the fact it is another disposable product from that cloth/paper stuff.

OK....in the proper fashio, most of my above names don't wotk, except maybe "Flight Buddy" or something like that.

Thinking along the lines of organizing personal comfort, using the pillow they provide but under your hygenic protection, it requires more of an "added class" or heirarchy of use naming process:

FlyRight (as if to suggest it is recommended procedure to maintain a regimen)

SeatSeal (as if it is a preventitive measure)

SmartSeat (as above, adding organization)

Seat Slip ("dressing up" your space)

Seat Shield (maximizing the aspect of hygenic prevention)

ConformaSeal (the obvious, but also adding the hint that you are making things conform to your standards, expectaitons)

Seat(er) Slickers (just to make you smile, but cute enough to qualify for brandable recognition!)

If you want more. let me know. On my laptop, typing is much more ardrous and I am bad as it is! LOLOL

Dream Lady
04-04-2007, 08:48 AM
Cover It
I Cover
Comfort All
Barefoot Cover
Seat Guard
Stuff It
A** Protect (A** = AIR)
Backsider (All in one plane seat cover and pillow tuck)
Comfy Cover
Your Covered
Rest Assured

Ok...my brain is dead now!

04-04-2007, 11:42 AM
Snooze Buddy
Pillow Buddy
Your Buddy for Rest
Rest Buddy
Pillow Cozy
Buddy Sak
Sak Pack
Sleep Tight
Sak in a Pak
Rest Aid
Comfy Sak
Cozy Sak
Nap Attack
Saks for Your Nap
Nap Sak
Nappy Sak

brainstorming is great .......... lots of fun Sharon, thanks for posting this ....

04-04-2007, 02:30 PM
Ha Ha Glad you guy's had a little fun. You all came up with some cute names.

04-04-2007, 06:37 PM
All those names, are you dizzy yet?? LOL
Clean cover
Clean Air Seat
Ok I just fell down.

04-04-2007, 06:46 PM
Well, I recognized names in there already in use - so make sure you check on that before selecting one :)

04-04-2007, 09:09 PM
Great names, Mr. V there is no space in economy for a little pocket. I thought of that, we have our very nice memory pillow that will do nicely. As for the Biz class we can do that with a little side pocket.

Thanks to all who have helped!

04-06-2007, 01:20 AM
Hello Sharon

I have some name for pillow...

...pillow with pleasure
...together in heaven
...matching people with pleasure!

Wishing you the Joys of Easter (http://www.mercataworld.com/misc/officers.html)


04-06-2007, 01:49 AM
You should make it to where people can also sleep in it comfortably when their flights get cancelled and they have to sleep in the airport.

04-06-2007, 03:39 PM
Pleasure Pads
Comfort Zone
snoozy traveller
travel snooze
The relaxer.

well thats me done .lol

sahera parveen
04-07-2007, 04:53 PM
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04-08-2007, 12:39 AM
you can put website name as

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erm.......pardon. lol

04-08-2007, 12:54 AM
How about 'Mile Sigh' as in the mile high club! LOL

Systematic nightmare
04-08-2007, 03:50 AM
LMAO Dori that's just too funny

Systematic nightmare
04-08-2007, 03:54 AM
Could always call it the Lay-A-Way then the people in coach could have one soon

04-16-2007, 04:27 AM
Lay -A- way, I think I have to say I like that the best, I wonder if she could use that? hmmm ... that's a great name for this item ...

04-17-2007, 12:10 AM
I have different Layaway plans available according to the opportunity that presents itself....but then you knew that, right?


05-14-2007, 05:56 PM
Fill Me Up

Pack it in

If it is going to cover the whole of the Back seat how am I going to open the tray to eat?????