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04-09-2007, 02:52 PM
Is there any way that I can use streaming video rather than have file downlaod to speed up the process of viewing? Looked, but could find nothing to help me in tuturiols


04-10-2007, 12:12 PM
Quickest way is to convert the video into flash however if this is not possible you could either purchase some softare to do the job for you here (http://www.mp3streamingaudio.com/)or if you are a bit of a digital whizz kid and can do some hard coding, you could just embed a media player into your site and then point it towards the file on your server.

04-10-2007, 01:20 PM
Hi... Mook... That's pretty cool.. We were just talking about how to do sound streaming yesterday... Will that Sound Stream Program work with BV WeBuilder... and how do I incorporate into my page?.... Thanks... Doug