View Full Version : Menu Bar previews as bigger size & off side of page!!

dive daisy
04-16-2007, 10:06 PM
Hi Folks!

I have been having constant problems with BV9 since upgrading, and no matter how many postings/tickets have not really solved the problem.

My main prob is that s24 template #688676 is adopting my background colour in the middle section of the template for some reason - in fact I tried it with a variety of templates from s24 and anywhere there is plain white, it adopts the background colour I'm using. Any way since that problem hasn't been solved MY solution is to design etc all my pages with a white background, and then when I'm satisfied with the way they look, publish with my chosen background colour - cos that seems to work. But what i'd really like to know is why has this happened and is there anything I can do about it? I even deleted all my saved BV templates and reloaded s24, but that hasn't changed the issue. Can anyone at head admin even access my Web Builder and have a look for themselves?

My other problem that still hasn't been solved is the size of the font in my menu 'dropdown' bar - since upgrading to BV9 it had grown from size 12 to 16!!. Again since that hadn't been solved I 've decided to go in and manually change the font size back to a 12. Not a problem! So with a lovely white background I hopefully previewed my 'new' index page and whilst the font size appears to be a size 12 (I piggy-backed my BV builder over ther web preview to see) it still goes over the right edge of my oreview page!! What is the reason for this change between BV Builder and preview? Any Ideas out there in Smart Land!!?

I look forward to all your words of wisdom!!