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04-20-2007, 12:09 AM
i would very much like to reintall soholaunch but i get an error in cpanel that says cannot install due to there is a file names %$^&&* already and there is nowhere where i can go to figure out and not install soho in my main directory please help anyone also i have bult my web site in bv and i would like to pick up with soho i need to connect the two can anyone tell me step by step how to do all this now i uninstalled soho because i was lost on where to even begin i have been going back and forth in my mind as to where bv ands and soho begins
thanks for a quick response

Karen Mac
04-20-2007, 03:49 AM
I just answered this in your other thread. You have more files in your main directory than google has search engines. Including the files you say you cant find. Use the file manager in your main cpanel to see them all.