View Full Version : soholaunch database and forum

04-24-2007, 08:13 AM
Hello, everybody! I'm a newbie on website building.

Can I built a forum if i use soholaunch to build my website (build it with Cpanel?)

Can I use soholaunch to build a small website to sell game softwares (about 30 products)? Can I use the database feature (or shopping cart feature???) of soho to let visiters search the products by names and the shortdescriptions? Can I have a download button and a purchase button *****ared on the search reasults (the buttons/words are attached to the download and purchase links)? Can I do this with soholaunch? or how can i achieve this?

Hoping everybody can understand my meaning. thx!!!!!

Karen Mac
04-24-2007, 05:06 PM

You can build a forum.. but not within soho. You will have to make a subdomain or whatever and use one of your options in the cpanel to build it..or install your own.

Soholaunch Shopping cart is database driven, and yes you can make products, and downloadable products, and there is a search function built into the cart end and a super search addon.