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04-25-2007, 07:10 AM
My domain is www.bounteousbasket.com (http://www.bounteousbasket.com).

I Need 4 different shipping options and don't know how to write the scripts for that. I've read soho's manual on it & still don't get it.
Does anyone have this type of script I can copy & edit for my site?

Am I even asking the right question to accomplish this task?
I'd also need to know how/where to upload it.

Thanks a bunch,

Karen Mac
04-25-2007, 05:37 PM

That is one of soho's limits. There isnt currently a script for this. They keep saying they are going to develop one, and even offered me to do it, but.. I havent had the time to even LOOK at doing it.

Theres no free way to do it either, if you want naval or wat to look at it, Im sure they are going to want paid for their time cuz it takes testing etc. So you will have to either limit your shipping or.. pay to have more added, or add a product like i did for RUSH shipping.


04-25-2007, 06:17 PM
Thanks Karen, I was afraid that would be the answer. How do I contact naval or wat if the member list is locked?....they are forum members right?

Which site did you create the RUSH order products? & it's justa matter of duplicating a mirror product list with different shipping charges right?

If so, it may be worth paying for options to be created.........in a few years....LOL

04-25-2007, 06:27 PM
PS...is there a way to make a shipping charge apply to all products automatically? Or include my gift message form apply to all products besides in "edit" products individually? I'm guessing the answers are no again!

Karen Mac
04-25-2007, 11:29 PM

Heres a thought. You can apply shipping to each product in the advanced tab, and not do a shipping in the module at all. The problem is it will be PER PRODUCT, just like your form, but it does away with the need for a shipping module.

I made an actual product for rush shipping and recommended it in the cart.. I also noted it in the shipping policy.

Yes to the other.. they are both members.. I think its watdaflip and naval. Just run around and look for posts by them.


06-04-2007, 06:26 AM

Ok these 2 tasks are long overdue, I need to get my cart set up for the discounts/coupons I've been promoting.
1. You may recall that I offer fee ground on orders $200+.
2. I have some ads on the web offering 10% discounts.

1. I did make a graduating charge for ground shipping & $0.0 after $200. but it applied to the fresh flowers as well, so I had to go back to per/sku as the flowers are only shipped via overnight at 39.95/sku...too steep for me to absorb.

2. I thought someone (Beth maybe) said I'd need to submit a ticket & buy that add on. Is that true?

I was wondering if both of these could be accomplished by setting up user groups with codes? If not what do you suggest?

Karen Mac
06-04-2007, 07:05 AM

To my knowledge, they havent added a shipping module, and last I knew they asked me to work on making one. Quite honestly I havent even had time to look at it, let alone build one from scratch, or.. work on the api coding to incorporate dhl or ups live. For one Im kept too busy between the two forums, so .. it will probably be this fall before I have time to do any of that. As it is,,, im going to be disappearing so I can get my own work done.. just a heads up in advance. I cant keep up the pace of hand holding, and working on my own stuff.

If you want it done, you need to contact Naval or one of the gurus at soho to customize a script for you. It wont be free!


06-04-2007, 03:19 PM
I understand, you had already told me about thescripts etc...but, I am blocked from the member list in here & can't contact a particular member. I apologize for needing "hand-holding," even though I was reassured that there would be plenty of support moving here.

So are you also saying that settng up secure user groups wont work either?

Karen Mac
06-04-2007, 06:30 PM

There is PLENTY of support! Im just not going to be the only one giving it constantly. Theres also a soho forum and you can put in support tickets. Ive done way more than support you and assist you so please dont make it like im abandoning you. Ive logged in your cpanel 1/2 dozen times, customized your template, logos, and fixed your zeus files, links and serveral other things that you had issues with. This is on my own time, I dont get paid to do it. Thats not what Im saying and I wasnt specifically targeting you! I meant in general. Between both forums I assist 40 people a day on average with every thing from minor how to.. to signing in and doing it for them, to tech support.. and im just not going to keep it up for free. Line is getting drawn is all im saying.. most are just as capable of learning basics as I am, and its a matter of seeking out the information, and applying it, via manual, forum, or whatever. I just want you to become more self reliant and not dependant on me fixing everything.. so I gave you fair warning is all.

Navals info:

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You dont need to view the member list. We are all banned from it. I suggested you look at posts in the forums or run a search for those names, and the posts will come up with their signatures or you can click the profiles.


Karen Mac
06-04-2007, 06:35 PM

As far as the secure users group.. that would require a customer had a LOGIN, and only after they had the login could they access the pages that you protected. If you are going to protect the ENTIRE cart, then you wont be making many sales.

The best way to do what you want without a script is to add the shipping to each product, and delete the table shipping, or shipping by subtotal or whatever, and change it to by product.. You can do this in the advanced tab, and say NO to the other shipping charges. You can also make a product for the overnight shipping and link it to the fresh flowers. And advise them they have to add it to cart or they wont recieve the order.


06-05-2007, 06:19 AM
I totally understand and certainly didn't mean to imply that you were abandoning me or had not helped me. I've tried to express my sincere gratitude and didn't know that you were the the main one to answer posts. I really did always do my diligence searching forums, soho manuals etc looking for answers prior to ever posting a question each time.

You, as said before, are a warrior & saint!
Thank you again, couldn't have done it without you.