View Full Version : Problems with Votepro

05-12-2007, 11:42 PM
Hello everyone!

I put in a ticket and was directed here, so hopefully I can find some answers! =)

This is all for the webpage www.PensAndDreams.com (http://www.PensAndDreams.com) .

At first the "666" = "rw-rw-rw" code wasn't working; I was getting the error that many people were at first also.

Then I saw a post about deleting the .htaccess file, and did so. The page then worked, where you have to enter in all your data before you can actually access the program.

However, no matter what information I put in, it keeps saying "Can't connect to MySQL DataBase."

And then sends me back to the "Enter" page. I know I'm entering the correct information, because I've gotten this program to work on a different domain name (www.All-About-Skincare.com (http://www.All-About-Skincare.com) which got "wiped" a day ago). However it keeps doing the same thing (not allowing me to enter), and least to say, it's getting very frustrating!!

I've tried deleting Votepro and then re-installing it, deleting the databases and then recreating it, and a number of other combinations, but still nothing is working. =(

Any help would be much appreciated. =) This is going to become an essential part of my webpage!