View Full Version : Few Questions! Updating the forum, confirmation codes, bots, etc.

05-16-2007, 03:29 PM
I have a few quick questions. I'm still running the phpBB version 2.0.21 and wanted to upgrade to the 2.0.22. I downloaded the upgrade from phpBB and unzipped it. My question is do I have to go copy each individual folder over in the FTP manager to implement the up grade or is there a way where it I can just install it all at once? Will doing the upgrade change any of my setting, i.e colors, fonts, logos, etc.?

My second question is will installing the upgrade change the confirmation code settings when people register? A friend of mine started a forum with free forums.org and it is powered by phpBB. When you register on his forum and enter a confirmation code you have to do a math problem rather than typing in the letters in the shaded box. I know this prevents spam bots from registering and was hoping the new upgrade will allow me to have the same thing.

If it is not in the upgrade is that an option that could have been added in the skin that he was using?

I know I could do a mod to my forum but to be honest I really have no clue how to do it and I'm scared I will mess something up trying to do it. So I'm hoping this could be a fix that I am capeable of doing.

Thanks for any help.


05-29-2007, 12:56 AM