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05-22-2007, 03:12 PM
Advice about copying or moving files from MS-windows to Vodahost(Unix)!

Perhaps a bit overdone because probably it's already mentioned before. If so, I missed it as newbee.

Here is an example which cost me a lot of time to figure out what the problem was:

I had files buttons.html and Buttons.css in my BlueVoda directory at my home PC running windows XP.
buttons.html had a line including buttons.css

When I tested the file on my PC by running buttons.html it worked fine, formatting the buttons as defined in buttons.css
Then I copied the files from My PC to VodaHost using BlueFtp. After that I went to my browser http'ed my domain en opened the buttons.html file on the internet.
It frightened me to see it did not work out the way I expected. The buttons were not formatted at all.
Here is were the time consuming search to find what caused the problem started.
I will not bother you with the details but it brought me to an end were I really thought there must be some magic happening in BlueVoda.

At last I found the solution:
When calling a file in MS-windows, it does not matter if you use Capital or Lowercase letters as long as the name stays the same.
If you store a file named Buttons.css and try to access it by calling it buttons.css this will work fine in in MS-Windows

But in Unix it is adifferent thing! The filename you are calling must have exactly the same Capital and Lowercase letters as the filename stored.
So if you store a file named Buttons.css and you try to access it by calling it buttons.css THIS WILL NOT WORK in Unix and therefore not work on VodaHost!

I changed the name of the file from Buttons.css to buttons.css and it worked fine, freeing me from the magic of BlueVoda!

If you import HTML code with an external css file call in BlueVoda and preview the page, you will not see formatting by the css, even if you do things right.
To see formatting with an external css file, you have to publish the page and go to your browser to see the formatting on the internet. The HTML import and previewing in BlueVoda is still sort of magic to me and I wish they will soon come with a better way.

Hopefully this warning will save you time by not making this naming mistake.

Greetings and success,
RHE from the Netherlands

05-22-2007, 03:58 PM
Hmmm... yes, you are right. To whoever uses Unix (and in many cases, php) this is a known issue. Windows makes no distinction between uppercase and lowercase. However, it has many times been pointed in this forum (in most of the cases, where users published their index page as Index, which would not work) to use EXACTLY the file name as it is published / uploaded.

CSS files will also work in preview, if the correct path to the css file (on your computer) is provided in the html code of the page. However, this would mean that you would need to change the path before publishing, so it becomes a bit hard

05-22-2007, 05:54 PM
Always name all your files with small letters, click the below....


05-22-2007, 11:59 PM
Hi both Generals,

I was looking for my posting and thought something went wrong uploading it, until I discovered it was moved to a better category and the title starts with advice instead of warning.
Thanks for correcting.

Indeed it was already mentioned not to use capitals, but somehow I got caught by BleuVoda which itself is naming files like Untitled.bvp beginning with a capital...

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RHE from the Netherlands

05-23-2007, 12:06 AM
P.S. Also thanks for advice about css files. Gives more abilities to preview.