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Manda Panda
06-03-2007, 10:50 AM
Hi Guys,

Puzzled here. I posted a Q in BV General Issues Forum a few days ago.
Maybe wrong section as no one has been able to offer me any clues.
I have since posted a Support Ticket as what I thought of initially as a silly little problem is in fact a very REAL issue to me.
After three emails back and forth they have requested I post another Q here, as they determine my problem a 'Design Issue' and folks online may be able to help....so here goes again.

Please link to www.outbackcubby.com/aboutus.html (http://www.outbackcubby.com/aboutus.html) and www.outbackcubby.com/contactlocation.html (http://www.outbackcubby.com/contactlocation.html) to see examples of my dilemna.

When working with text, the text written seems to be normal in BV's pages though when I preview my newly added text (or Publish), the text has been changed to Bold. This only started occuring 5 days ago when I was adding new text to my created pages. Prior to this everything has been fine. I have tried adding text to a new blank page, and in preview or when published it seems normal - without being changed to bold.
It's only adding new text to my already created pages that this bold text phenomona occurs.
I have tried copy and pasting from a new blank page's newly created text to a page that I am working on to see if that makes a difference. The same thing occurs. As with if I copy and paste an exisiting normal text frame on my created pages. Nothing helps.

I then thought of working around it so as to remove the <b> -bold property from the html code but there does not appear to be a <b> property in the effected texts html code. How can that be ?

The second to last response from Support was this:

"Please use ONLY web friendly fonts, make sure all the fonts you use are also installed on your computer."

The Fonts I am using ARE web friendly Fonts, such as Arial and as illustrated on top right hand corner of 'aboutus' page, Times New Roman. As for using fonts that are installed on your computer, well Im unsure how you can use fonts that ARENT installed on your computer!
More's the point...how can text be displayed as normal in the SAME font type as text now being displayed differently - in bold.
The only difference being...the automatically generated bold text is the text I have added to my web pages 5 days ago...when this problem started occuring.
I now have a deadline of only 2 weeks to publish my site and I cannot see anyway around finishing off my 50+ pages when all text content added is going to be automatically manipulated into being bold for some wierd reason. I dare not think of starting from scratch so as to avoid this predicament, and I am extremely fearful of this occuring if I was to start again.

Have I completely missed something vital along the way?

06-03-2007, 02:29 PM
There is absolutely no problem with BV.

The problem is that you have missed the closing </b> tag (end of bold) in the Bookmark script that you have used. This is your code:

<div id="bv_" style="position:absolute;left:83px;top:1041px;width:292px ;height:23px;z-index:35" align="left"><FONT style="font-size:11px" color="#272727" face="Arial"><B><a href="javascript:bookmarksite('The Outback Cubby Co. Premium Timber Play Products', 'http://www.outbackcubby.com')">Click to Bookmark</a></div>

Change it to be:

<div id="bv_" style="position:absolute;left:83px;top:1041px;width:292px ;height:23px;z-index:35" align="left"><FONT style="font-size:11px" color="#272727" face="Arial"><b><a href="javascript:bookmarksite('The Outback Cubby Co. Premium Timber Play Products', 'http://www.outbackcubby.com')">Click to Bookmark</a></b></div>

Manda Panda
06-04-2007, 11:36 AM
Hi Navaldesign, I feel like such an ...! Thankyou soooo Much for your help. I never would have thought of checking this. A wonderful learning curve this truly is....Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou :)