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06-08-2007, 08:58 AM
In our microbrewery we want to give our site a facelift. But I seem to be walking narrow paths and blind alleys.

"index" is the menu-site, "index1" is the site where an Iframe named 'display' is meant to display the choices from the menu at "index".

Navaldesign came up with his php-solution to this problem, - but isn't there a simpler way forward?

I fill in the target-line in the menu-item at index with this

http://www.duelundbryglade.com/index1.html', 'display

and the resulting HTML is exactly similar to the stuff generated by more legal procedures. Only mine doesn't work. Instead the menu itself displays a new subsubmenu called 'undefined'.

Why? HTML is HTML, but is there a java-procedure somewhere that doesn't accept my 'display ?

Any solution? Submit-buttons are impossible since I'll loose the menu-structure.

index isn't loaded yet as not to disturb the running site. index1 is loaded, though as is much of the linked stuff. I'll load index as www.duelundbryglade.com/tindex.html (http://www.duelundbryglade.com/tindex.html)

Hope some brilliant bluevodaist is out there somewhere willing to offer some help.

www.duelundbryglade.com (http://www.duelundbryglade.com) - Poul

06-08-2007, 10:14 AM
Not sure i understand what you mean here. Let me see if i have understood well:

You want to have a single page, (index) with the menubar. Then, you want to have in this page, an Iframe. The menubar links should open in this Iframe, correct ? This way the menubar will always be the same, and the site content will display in the iframe.

If this is what you want, you can do it very easily. When giving the links to your menubar, in the Target field, just type the name of the frame : "Display" and you are done.

Please note that the reason why this method is not (usually) used is that it is not SE friendly. That is, if i have understood well.

06-08-2007, 11:00 AM
Navaldesign, thank's a lot for your fast answer.

Well, if I can do it in this simple way, I'll probably do it. I've been working with a new index1 to get more space for the Irame display - then again causing some other problems.

But I'll work with your proposal and see where it takes me.

Fantastic forum, great system and the new improvements are simply the best.

Thank's again.