View Full Version : How to Manage width and length of Shopping Cart items.

06-16-2007, 08:01 AM
Here's my question. I would like to know how to keep the shopping cart drop-ins all the same size. It's ok if you want them to stretch across the entire page vertically, but I would really like to keep them all the same size.

If I drop them in the boxes horizontally, then the first two (left to right) come out the perfect size, and the last one basically stretches a little to the right.

I really don't want products to list vertically, it takes too much scrolling to browse if you have say, 100 products on a page.

Guess I'm asking if there's a way to size the shopping cart items.


Karen Mac
06-16-2007, 06:34 PM

Are you talking about in the cart itself or in the outer pages you create, with the shopping box dragged in? If the later, the size of those boxes are determined by the amount of text and size of images youve put them in the cart area itself. If you want them all the same size, you'd have to edit the script in the cart, from an "x" not to exceed parameter to a static size. That would also mean that, if you didnt have as much text or a smaller picture youd have alot of WHITE space or empty space. I suppose you could insure that all your pics are the exact same size and that you counted words or used a transparent pixel .gif to space the smaller ones out in the description to give you a more uniform size.