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11-07-2005, 07:46 AM
Hi folks,
it's been an exciting week for me! I just finished my second website, not really completed yet because there is so much to learn for a newby like me who didn't anything about urls,html,ftps etc... just a week ago. Vodahost can verify that I subscribed to its service just last sunday.
Any rate, I did my first one for a friend of mine and the second one for my wife Jolly.
Cannot thank enough the great team of Vodahost support and the folks in the community forum here. I found almost every single answer to my problems by searching on the search engine.
Would sincerely appreciate any comment. Please visit:
www.trantrinh.net (http://www.trantrinh.net/)
www.nguyenthaihocfoundation.com (http://www.nguyenthaihocfoundation.com/)
I am still learning how to set domaine emailing so please email me at jollyhurry****.com
Thank you very much