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05-14-2005, 11:10 AM
yea , hi, erm, i downlaoded you tottaly great website builder yesterday, and aftera few mintutes i started to get the hand of it, its pretty good. i'm curenlty tring to built a site of my own , and i found out how to make links on my site, so if you click it , it'll take you to that section of your site that the link was advitising (eg, i make a picture, with text saying "my photo album", then if you clicked the picture it would take you their) i couln't normaly do this, with other site builders, and i was very happy when i found i could do this with yours. but every time i add something in my site, sites sections, ect, it delete's other stuff that i put on my site/sites sections early before. and i dont understand what goin on. its anoying me. i would try to remake thet links and that, but i'm worried that it may just start deleting other stuff on my site again. i dont wanna reinstall your program, or reboot everything on my com, again. and i dont wanna downlaod an update/ bug fixer that will take hours on end just to downlaod, that will fix my promlem. and i dont wanna rebuilt the sit all over again . yes i have restarted my computer a few times, an all that jazz, but nothing helps. can someone help me? do any other of you pople with this program get this problem? or is it just me?. :(

05-14-2005, 06:11 PM
Please make sure you have the latest version of JAVA form Sun Microsystems
installed on your computer. If you do not have it or if you are not sure if you have it
please click the link below.

Reboot your computer after the installation.


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05-14-2005, 08:53 PM
thanks. i'll keep ya posted if any other stuff is conserning me.

p.s, i'm a resposible 15 year old female. and i love to run around chasing bunny wabbits .

p.s.s i',m alos crazy (in a good way, i'm not really mentaly unstable). dont let this bother you. hehe^^*