View Full Version : I need HELP with Contact Form Page

06-29-2007, 04:37 AM
I am having problems with my contact page. I previously created a form, but once it was published, I was unable to input data. I re-created the page and it appears to work, but once I publish, it is not uploaded. The website has retained the older version that does not work. I have tried several solutions. I have cleared the cache, I have cleared the Temporary Internet Files. I have even tried renaming the page. Still no success. If you review my website " www.christophersproject.com (http://www.christophersproject.com) " you will see that the page entitled "CONTACT US" has different background music and that you are unable to input data in the form. I have included a copy of the file, which is the correct page. Also, when on the published contact page (incorrect version), it does not always allow you to move to the others pages via the navigator buttons. Please help me resolve this issue.

06-29-2007, 05:54 AM
The first problem (not being able to type) is because instead of creating small titles for the form fields, you have used a very large text box, that then covers all your form.
Send the text to the back (Right click on the text, and select "Move to back) and you will be ok.

Regarding the sending functionality: you have used the mailto: metod. Please read the tutorial about forms, you will se tha this will NOT work in most cases. Follow the instructions in the Forms Tutorial part 1 (the ones under the multimedia presentation) and you will be fine.