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06-29-2007, 06:44 PM
Can you explain how I get a Viper Guestbook added to my web guestbook? I can not get the correct coding. I have Viper Guestbook added to my directory and I can access it via http://mprhodes.com/guest.php, but I want it configured to my web page http://mprhodes.com/guest.html. (http://mprhodes.guest.html) Please advise??

07-11-2007, 06:05 PM
What you need to do with the viper guestbook is apply that link to an image, or the word guestbook on one of or all of your web pages ...

You can modify the colors of your guestbook and other elements from your admin panel, which you would have been emailed a link to as well ...

Also ... it is a good idea to set your posts to "Approve" and have an email sent to you when a new entry is added - you then go into your admin panel, check the entry, approve or delete. This avoids spammers being able to post in your guestbook, you can even ban their ip from inside of the admin panel while you are deleting their posts ....

You could also use an image and link it to guestbook in the same way that you link an image ..

Looks as though you have some other problem going on right now, I would uninstall it, and reinstall it again ..