View Full Version : Paypal Subscribe Button Not Working

07-03-2007, 12:01 PM
Hi all!

My paypal subscribe button is not working, but only for one product. It works fine for the other products, and the buy it now button works.

I have combed over the page with a fine tooth comb and I don't know what to do differently! There are no typos, and I followed directions! (LoL)

Any input would be welcome!

www.thesecretsofyarn.com (http://www.thesecretsofyarn.com)

the button that doesn't work is for the product listed on www.thesecretsofyarn.com/secrets2subbook.html (http://www.thesecretsofyarn.com/secrets2subbook.html)
it's also glitching on www.thesecretsofyarn.com/productspage.html (http://www.thesecretsofyarn.com/productspage.html)
Both on the e-book, and on the combo package.
But the crochet newletter works! HELP :)